Keynote Speaker, Ryan Holtz Speaks At Ecole Leduc Junior High School & Beaumont High School For Their Mental Health Day


Mental health, bullying, leadership, entrepreneurship were all super important topics that I got to chat about as Keynote speaker for both Leduc Junior High School and Beaumont High School on their mental health days. I am super happy to see schools, organizations, universities and people in general start to talk about this and shine light on topics that are crucial to humanity. This subject resonated with me deeply as my childhood growing up was full of many obstacles and hardships. I truly came from humble beginnings and it enforced work ethic, resiliency and appreciation for the small things in life. In 2017, looking at our future community leaders, health professionals, politicians, emergency responders, entrepreneurs, innovators, pioneers and everything above, I truly get chills and excitement.

IMG_5103 Having coaches, goals and playing football was truly my saving grace after my mother passed when I was 13 years old and therefore totally understand what kind of impact this has on our young people who are trying to build their character at crucial moments in their life. I was and have been asked many times by schools, universities, organizations and companies to come in and give my talk on resiliency, leadership and entrepreneurship as I think it is a sobering experience of just what can happen when one person shares their story to many.

IMG_2197There are so many youth out there who have stories that literally cannot be comprehended by many that are extremely talented, but simply need to find their talent or “thing” that just makes them shine. Life moves at the speed of light and in many cases there are just simply not enough moments or people to help those along the way. Life is about being resilient! If you would like to inquire about having me speak at your event, school or company, please do so here.

Workshop: “Google Analytics For Auto Dealerships” in Edmonton April 23 and Calgary April 24

Photo 2015-04-08, 10 54 00 AM

Google Analytics ADVANCED – “Conversions, Segments, Landing Pages, Multiple Goal Conversion Tracking & Long Tail Search”

2015 brings even more mobile and internet influence in the auto industry. The days of “let’s see if this works” with no way of tracking are over and this is great news! Come indulge in a day of Google Analytics, Automotive Marketing and a ton of laughter!

You will learn about:

  • Conversions and Segments
  • Multiple Goal Conversion Tracking
  • Long Tail Search and Landing Pages
  • Cross domain tracking and how to setup advanced segments and specific promos targeted by your respective dealer
  • Setup of third party advertisements and how to track directly back to your website and effectiveness

  • You should have a basic to intermediate understanding of Google Analytics to achieve the highest value from this workshop. By the end of this workshop you will have a general understanding of the above outline.

    What You Need To Bring:

  • Most recent 30 day report of your Google Analytics
  • Your Google Analytics account username and password (You can retrieve this from your website provider with no questions asked)

  • Register here.

    Apple Car Play, Sirius XM Radio, Google Android Auto and Howard Stern! What Is The Future of Radio?


    Image Taken From Bloomberg News


    I recently was reading an article on Bloomberg News, one of my fave news apps for Iphone 6 Plus! What caught my attention was the words “Howard Stern” and the troubles he is having with SiriusXM radio. Good ol Howard! 

    If you look at the graph up top you will see that in 2014, 16 million vehicles were sold in the United States and 11 million came pre-installed with SiriusXM radio! Now, for normal radio stations what does this mean for audience and listeners when people commuting to and from work have an abundance of listening options right at their finger tips. Sirius’s subscriber model is impressive and done extremely well, so well, that companies like Google and Apple have started to dip their feet in the market place with Car play and Android Auto.

    If you would like to read the full article from Bloomberg, you can do so Here.

    Do you listen to normal radio? Do you love SiriusXM? What are your thoughts? Something to think about!

    Suburbia Hair Salon & Spa Launches with Ryan Holtz Marketing located in Edmonton, Alberta


    Sexy, sophisticated and absolutely stunning would be a few of the words I would describe Suburbia Hair Salon and Spa located in St Albert, Alberta. Thyda Lim who is the owner and founder has made her vision and dream come into reality!

    I have known Thyda for many years when she was the salon manager at The Rock Salon. Thyda is a person who is committed to absolute perfection in whatever she sets her scopes on. It is an absolute pleasure to design and program her website which is equipped with many features including online booking and a blog so her clients and fans can stay up to date on the latest and greatest!

    What Ryan Holtz Marketing & Consulting executed for Suburbia Hair Salon & Spa:

    1. Design graphics and layout
    2. Program and install widgets on the back end of WordPress
    3. Install the online booking system so salon clients can conveniently book online
    4. Design a mobile friendly and optimized website as consumers in general are using their devices to discover and consider products and services
    4. Train client on back end of WordPress to understand basics of the dashboard

    Once again, it is an absolute pleasure to be apart of a great local Edmonton entrepreneur’s dream and visions to open up a salon with a bit of a twist!

    Own a small business? Need a website? Have Questions?

    Reach out to me!

    BORED? —> “WHY” Traveling Helps You Be A Better Business Person & Marketer….Dominican Republic! Papi Chulo!


    Perspective, perspective and PERSPECTIVE! In my humble opinion, travel has opened my eyes to thoughts, feelings and perceptions that I would never be exposed to! I think that in many ways, ideas come from “out of the box” thinking. I recently traveled to Boca Chica which is right outside of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

    This trip was awesome but a third world country has no middle class, meaning you have money or you do not! The work ethic of the locals in this country is amazing! I cannot help but feel blessed and humbled ito have the opportunity that I have here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. We wake up each day with all the resources a human could ever dream of.

    Running water from the tap, heat, air conditioning, food, produce are just a few of the basics that we have and do not pay any mind to. Walking around, smelling the air and talking to the dominicans in my “spanglish” in an effort to acknowledge their native language which is Spanish makes my mind think, heart pound and eyes stretch to see as much as I possibly can….to ensure that I never forget my experience but most of all show humanity to people who simply do not have what we have.

    Business, marketing, what the heck does this have to do with being a better business and marketing person? One word that comes to mind is HUMILITY. The humility to always move forward, learn, poke and search. Human psychology is business and life.

    Here are a few reasons why I think you should travel:

    1. Touch, feel and see how others do business
    2. Experience how technology or “lack of” impacts efficiency when it comes to business especially tourism and hotel sectors
    3. Get out of the “Fish Bowl Syndrome” – I talk about this in my presentations ALOT! If you think your local city is the end all, be all, think again! Remember this world is multi dimensional with meany ways of thinking
    4. Gain new ideas! Observe, close your mouth and just listen and take it all in

    From this trip alone, I have two new ideas that I will implement into my daily life immediately!

    I want to give a special shout out to Be Live Hamaca Resort in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic for showing us a fantastic stay! This hotel was great! If you go, eat at the “Gourmet” restaurant and get the salmon and beef tenderloin! Yum!


    Also, Barb from Westjet is absolutely awesome, as I am writing this blog, she is telling me about some of her past travel stories with the airline. I told her that she should write a blog as people would love to hear these kinds of stories!

    Oops! One more thing! One of the historical sites that we seen was the gravesite of Christopher Columbus, some say he is buried in Spain, but none the less, very cool and a great experience!


    I am going to cut this blog short, but think about what I have said :)

    Go on a trip or have one planned? I would love to know about it!

    What has traveling done for you?

    Video Advertising & Blogging Dealer Digital Marketing Workshop In Calgary Jan. 19 & Edmonton Jan.20

    Photo 2015-01-05, 1 45 13 PM

    Welcome To 2015! Video Advertising & Blogging For Dealers IS A Must!

    *Internet video traffic will be 69% of ALL global consumer internet traffic by 2017*

    Quick Facts:

  • Over half of 25-54 year olds share video online
  • A minute of video is worth over 1.8 million words
  • 5 benefits of blogging are increased seo, leads, search rank, online identity and overall network
  • Internet video traffic will be 69% of ALL global consumer internet traffic by 2017

  • You will learn:

  • Why 76% of consumers on average prefer to consume YOUR brand via video
  • A look at a few case studies in the auto industry who have achieved success
  • What makes a great video stand out to a car buyer
  • Should you produce the video in house or hire a outside agency?
  • How to storyboard and come up with a series of video content
  • What is BLOGGING?
  • HOW AND WHY is blogging so important
  • Why GOOGLE rewards your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rank when you have a blog
  • What is keyword indexing and rich format content?
  • How can your blog become a lead generator?
  • How often should you blog?
  • Who at the dealership should be responsible for this?
  • How do you measure the ROI? (Return On Investment)

  • By the end of this full day Ryan Holtz/Alberta Motor Dealers association hosted workshop, you will understand video advertising basics and what your customer’s expectations are. You will also understand the importance of blogging and why exactly in 2015 it is going to be one of the BIGGEST and CHEAPEST forms of advertising.


    Holtz MDA Calgary Workshop on “26 Car Buyer Touch Points On Path To Purchase According To Google”


    What a great way to end off a week leading up to Christmas with some AMAZING Calgary and area auto dealers! This past Friday, I did a workshop in partnership with The Motor Dealers Association Of Alberta that was called “26 Touch Points On The Path To Purchase According To Google” in Calgary.

    I am always excited to host a workshop as I get to talk digital marketing to my beloved automotive peeps! I love auto and I love marketing, so what a match made in heaven. I do not want to blab too long, but here are a couple staggering facts when it comes to customers who are looking to purchase a vehicle online and using the Internet to do their research!

    Fact 1:

    The average car buyer visits about 18 websites prior to stepping in a showroom!

    Fact 2:

    80% of car buyers found and narrowed it down to two dealers within the first 5 days!

    Fact 3:

    Canada leads the world in Google searches per person according to Google!

    “I found this workshop amazing and am always excited to attend a Motor Dealers Association Of Alberta automotive marketing workshop when I hear Ryan Holtz will be teaching it.” said Caitlyn Young of Charlesglen Toyota in Calgary.

    All in all this was a amazing workshop and a great topic to end off 2014 in a BIG WAY!

    Stay tuned for 2015 as we are going to step it up in a big way!

    If you have any digital marketing questions or would like to chat, reach out to me!

    What Was The Name of Your Car Salesperson? …….Car Sales in Thirds….


    So with everything that is happening with the internet and automotive industry it is absolutely astonishing that alot of our sales process has not changed. Back in the day you would get them in the door and try to close. Assuming you gave them good service, they would most likely come back and buy from you.

    Welcome to 2014 and the new age sales consultant. We know that statistically car buyers choose whether they would return and purchase based on how they were treated AFTER the sale. In fact almost 62% of car buyers state this.

    Have you ever asked your friend after they purchased a vehicle “Where did you buy your car from?” Most people will remember that and tell you “XYZ Dealership” but if you ask that same person “What was the name of the salesperson who sold you the car?” It is amazing that if it is 60 days after the purchase less than 25% of customers remember. WOW!

    If we can think of the sales process in thirds:

    1/3 is getting them in the door
    2/3 making the sale happen
    3/3 how we touch and communicate with the customer AFTER the sale

    In closing, it has never been more important to make a good impression but to continue making that impression. After all, customers tend to be buying a new vehicle and switching it out 18-24 months later. You might want to factor this in.

    How do you communicate with the car buyer after the sale has been made?

    I am excited for the new car sales person as the focus is for the long haul, not the quick sale!

    VIDEO | One Question: What Personal Habits Do You Have That Help You Professionally? Take a peek as CISN Country 103.9 Radio Host Chelsea Bird Tells You What She Does

    Welcome to my second episode of One Question! On this episode I ask CISN Country Radio Host Chelsea Bird what habits she has personally that contribute to her professionally in a very positive way. She was gracious enough to stand outside the CISN Country studios here in Edmonton and take part in “ONE QUESTION”. She actually writes in a notebook every single morning with ideas and goals that she has for the day. If you have not met Chelsea, she is a very driven and a passionate person who is very dynamic whether it be hosting a radio show or running for a pageant, she does it all!

    I do not want to talk to much as the whole point is to watch the video. As always, feel free to share and drop some comments below.

    Would you like to be on “ONE QUESTION” or have a QUESTION? Click here to shoot me an email!

    Have an awesome day and remember, if we don’t ask, we will never know!

    VIDEO: “One Question” How Has The Automotive Industry Adapted To The Needs Of Female Buyers?

    Welcome to “One Question”. I have decided to do a monthly video series called “One Question” where I go out and ask people a random question. The cool thing about this concept is they do not know what the question will be prior to me asking so it ensures honesty and transparency. I have a passion for marketing, communications and storytelling. There is no better way to combine all three then asking someone “One Question”.

    This video series will touch on topics such as:

  • real estate
  • automotive
  • marketing
  • psychology
  • trends
  • If you have one question or would like to be on “One Question” feel free to reach out to me here.