What Was The Name of Your Car Salesperson? …….Car Sales in Thirds….


So with everything that is happening with the internet and automotive industry it is absolutely astonishing that alot of our sales process has not changed. Back in the day you would get them in the door and try to close. Assuming you gave them good service, they would most likely come back and buy from you.

Welcome to 2014 and the new age sales consultant. We know that statistically car buyers choose whether they would return and purchase based on how they were treated AFTER the sale. In fact almost 62% of car buyers state this.

Have you ever asked your friend after they purchased a vehicle “Where did you buy your car from?” Most people will remember that and tell you “XYZ Dealership” but if you ask that same person “What was the name of the salesperson who sold you the car?” It is amazing that if it is 60 days after the purchase less than 25% of customers remember. WOW!

If we can think of the sales process in thirds:

1/3 is getting them in the door
2/3 making the sale happen
3/3 how we touch and communicate with the customer AFTER the sale

In closing, it has never been more important to make a good impression but to continue making that impression. After all, customers tend to be buying a new vehicle and switching it out 18-24 months later. You might want to factor this in.

How do you communicate with the car buyer after the sale has been made?

I am excited for the new car sales person as the focus is for the long haul, not the quick sale!

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