VIDEO | One Question: What Personal Habits Do You Have That Help You Professionally? Take a peek as CISN Country 103.9 Radio Host Chelsea Bird Tells You What She Does

Welcome to my second episode of One Question! On this episode I ask CISN Country Radio Host Chelsea Bird what habits she has personally that contribute to her professionally in a very positive way. She was gracious enough to stand outside the CISN Country studios here in Edmonton and take part in “ONE QUESTION”. She actually writes in a notebook every single morning with ideas and goals that she has for the day. If you have not met Chelsea, she is a very driven and a passionate person who is very dynamic whether it be hosting a radio show or running for a pageant, she does it all!

I do not want to talk to much as the whole point is to watch the video. As always, feel free to share and drop some comments below.

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Have an awesome day and remember, if we don’t ask, we will never know!

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