Keynote Speaker: Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Saskatchewan & Ontario | Digital Marketing

Back to school for the kids and back to busy for the adults! September brings us into fall and our beloved holiday season full of activities and events! I am delighted to be a keynote speak for The Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Saskatchewan and Ontario in September. Working with the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada has been amazing and a ton of fun. It has introduced my company into the RV industry. Working with some of the RV dealers has been thought provoking and igniting as they to have customers that are shifting to digital at high numbers during their discovery portion of their RV search. I always like to say in my presentations that marketing to a buyer when they are about to make the purchase is simply to late. We must market to them prior.

I recently just got back from making my keynote presentation in Regina for the RVDA of Saskatchewan and it was an amazing group to speak too. Many of the RV dealers agreed that digital is where they need to go, but some simply felt overwhelmed and unsure of how they should go about it. It all really starts with getting educated and learning first steps of transferring your advertising budget into digital.

I will be speaking to RV Dealers in and around Toronto and Ottawa about how they can use social media and digital marketing to increase their online foot print and sales.

Anyhow, message me here if you have any questions.

Optimize Inventory & Increase Lot Turns Using Facebook Advertising Techniques For Calgary & Edmonton Automotive Dealers


Edmonton | June 9, 2016
Calgary | June 10, 2016

We will explore:

1. Diversify Pay per click budget and add versatility into search visibility
2. Increasing lot turns naturally decreases holding costs such as loans and depreciation increasing profit margins. Review as to why and how this works.
3. How to optimize digital ad spend through Adwords & Facebook increasing views on specific stock numbers
4. Suggested budgets to spend on each piece of inventory for both new and used
5. How to optimize and target each piece of inventory to increase clicks while paying the best possible click rate
6. How to stagger each stock unit based on inventory age
7. Who at the dealership should be in charge of this weekly task to ensure all inventory is properly marketed & optimized for best results
8. Examples of AMVIC acceptable advertisements

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year From My Family To You!

I wanted to take a moment on behalf of my company and my family to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. If you do not celebrate Christmas, then I encourage you to enjoy time with your family and friends. This time of year brings many emotions for people, amongst all the celebration, comes a rough time for many, relatives who have passed, people who do not speak to one another, a tough economy that hits the bank account. Even though your situation may or may not be great, please take this opportunity to just take time out for yourself to reflect and feel good energy. Material and gifts is not what this time is about. We are nearing the end of 2015 and no matter what has happened this year, we are starting fresh and clean for 2016. Words cannot express my feeling towards you and your loved ones and hope that you will smile and laugh no matter what the situation. Feel good, enjoy the time away from work and reflect on your goals. On behalf of my family, we want to wish you an amazing next few days of joy and happiness!

Happy Holidays!

Your number one fan,


My Keynote Presentation on Digital Marketing For The Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada in Las Vegas, Nevada at Bally’s Hotel & Casino

Photo 2015-10-01, 9 57 39 AM First off, thanks to Eleonore and Anita from the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada for having me as their keynote speaker at this year’s convention hosted at The Bally’s hotel. Just like the automotive industry in general, auto dealers are starting to tackle the best strategy to engage their customers in their chosen format, the internet. Whether a customer is purchasing a $350,000 RV or a $20,000 vehicle, the scales are dramatically the same. The 2015 automotive customer is educated and highly motivated! This is great as the customer is doing their due diligence to find the perfect vehicle or RV that meets their needs. When looking at a basic sales funnel, we want to meet the customer when they are in their discovery phase as this gives us the best chance when they are ready to pull the trigger.

Photo 2015-11-04, 11 28 57 AM We had just around 100 people representing different Canadian RV dealers and companies in the room to take in some information on remarketing, digital marketing, social media and how to cultivate a marketing strategy that is sure to engage and attract the 2015 educated vehicle customer. We talked about:

  • Overall RV dealer digital strategy
  • Facebook remarketing
  • Internal process and who should be doing your marketing
  • How much money RV dealers should spend
  • How to tell your story in a digital landscape
  • Departmental digital marketing strategies

  • Photo 2015-11-03, 8 01 15 PMOverall it was a great morning with some amazing people going over future marketing ideas and really just having a round table. It is awesome to see the recreational vehicle industry here in Canada striving to new heights to better market themselves in the proper context that their customers require. In future, perhaps we will offer some recreational vehicle dealer digital marketing workshops to help work and train with staff.

    Photo 2015-11-04, 9 57 04 AMIf you have any questions on how to marketing your dealership or would like to inquire about having me work with you and your team to develop and execute your digital marketing strategy, please contact me here.

    Sexy, Sophisticated, Innovative Are A Few Words To Describe Tesla! My First In-Person Peek In Toronto Was Great! This Car Is An Auto Marketer’s Dream!


    Well, I was in Toronto on business to speak at The Canadian Jewellery Expo and a little bit of pleasure and stopped into Yorkdale mall. This was the first time I seen the Tesla store. I had to take a step inside and check it out! Clean, minimalistic and sexy is my first impression of the store and the car.

    Having a chat with the Tesla consultant we talked about how I thought Tesla was great, but confusing as a company. Being a stock day trader enthusiast I am constantly following the shares closely as one day, I might add Tesla to my portfolio. Anyhow, the sales rep and I both agreed that the automotive industry in the world and specifically in Canada needs to innovate and involve which it has. A company like Tesla is all about innovation and raising the bar so this is exciting as it just might be that steroid that the automotive sector! Being a automotive marketer who is based in Edmonton but has dealership clients across Canada I see the struggles and pain that dealers are enduring to shift into 2015 digital.

    For all you Tesla lovers and haters, I would love to know your take on this extremely advanced and unique vehicle!

    Ta ta for now!

    aSK ME Episode 1: How Do I Market My Small Business Or Auto Dealership With No Money?

    I get asked this question ALL the time! It is a great question, small businesses are to small to be big and to big to be small which puts you in that small tiny lonely place! The good news is that there are so many FREE ways to get the word out online about your product or service. Many business owners number one struggle is time management. The number one question is “Ryan where do I find time to manage all my social media and online assets and still keep my customers happy?!” My answer is:

    This comes with the territory of owning any kind of business in 2015 with the internet and social media revolution. Even auto dealerships which are million dollar entities struggle with finding skilled staff to be responsible for social media, video marketing and website management that includes search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

    Here are a few tips:

    1. Start small, open up a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account.
    2. Get familiar with each social platform prior to creating or calling me to activate a kick ass online marketing strategy!
    3. If you have any staff, try to decipher if any of them have the skills to help you with your online reputation management
    4. Seek training and education, you can contact me HERE to see when my next online social media marketing workshop is. Additionally I can provide your team with hands on training mixed with corporate and a ton of fun team building!
    5. Start posting some content such as local weather, jokes, questions, educational articles to get your customers attention

    I am going to cut the post here and hedge my bet to have you watch the above video.

    What is YOUR question? Ask me and I would love to answer!

    Apple Car Play, Sirius XM Radio, Google Android Auto and Howard Stern! What Is The Future of Radio?


    Image Taken From Bloomberg News


    I recently was reading an article on Bloomberg News, one of my fave news apps for Iphone 6 Plus! What caught my attention was the words “Howard Stern” and the troubles he is having with SiriusXM radio. Good ol Howard! 

    If you look at the graph up top you will see that in 2014, 16 million vehicles were sold in the United States and 11 million came pre-installed with SiriusXM radio! Now, for normal radio stations what does this mean for audience and listeners when people commuting to and from work have an abundance of listening options right at their finger tips. Sirius’s subscriber model is impressive and done extremely well, so well, that companies like Google and Apple have started to dip their feet in the market place with Car play and Android Auto.

    If you would like to read the full article from Bloomberg, you can do so Here.

    Do you listen to normal radio? Do you love SiriusXM? What are your thoughts? Something to think about!

    VIDEO: YouTube Turned 10 Last Month And Is The Second Largest Search Engine And Third Most Visited Website Behind Google And Facebook

    The ultimate video disruptor, YouTube, turned 10 last month, and there’s no question as to YouTube’s impact on our world and media consumption habits.

    YouTube is the second largest search engine and is the third most-visited website in the world (after Google and Facebook), with more than 300 hours of content is uploaded every minute.

    While YouTube has changed how we share and consume news, discover future celebrities… and definitely, click away plenty of time… YouTube has also definitely changed the way consumers search for info, shop, and how businesses get their messages out.

    BizBOXTV’s Lisa Ostrikoff explores the explosive exposure brands that use YouTube have experienced in the social world.



    Help A Child Pursue Their Dreams!

    I started this small concept a few years ago when I was in a position to give back and help out. #Dreams4Kids is a name I chose as it really illustrates the concept. I myself come from a very humble beginning and with the help of coaches, teachers, friends, family and mentors I managed to pursue my dreams. Sports in particular, football was a sole purpose for keeping me on track in my teenage years and ultimately providing a goal and purpose. To this day, many of those same lessons I have brought into my own life both personally and professionally.

    What is #Dreams4Kids?

    Great question! It is not a registered charity (yet), nor will you get a tax receipt. It is simply one young edmontonian trying to do what he can by raising money and helping pay for childrens hockey, football, gymnastics, figure skating, whatever! The SOLE purpose is to help families who may be going through tough times provide their children the gift of opportunity through sport, performing arts or personal goals.

    Who Qualifies?

    A family or single parent who has a child willing to put in the effort, but just needs a little help whether it be a piece of hockey equipment or help with registration!

    How Much Do We Have To Donate?

    Anything. $10 or simply a set of skates

    How Do We Get In Touch?

    Simply say hello right HERE.