DON’T just MARKET TO MILLENNIALS! Smartphones Made Digital Media Consumption Mainstream!

YES! I am so passionate about having authentic, clear and non-hype marketing when it comes to using the internet, search and social media to connect with their beloved clients and customers.

So many times, us marketers and ad agencies tend to be quite “trendy” and fancy with our preachings and marketing strategies. Whether you are a dentist, auto dealer, real estate brokerage or just an extremely small business, the internet and social media has made this such a level and even playing field. It is something that is exciting and should stand out to you as this SCREAMS opportunity for your business!

Now, I embedded my Instagram video post on this blog because I would love you to read some of the comments made from millennials, Gen X and baby boomers. Their feedback and feelings are quite remarkable! My point in creating this blog post is to not discredit or say do or don’t or judge, it is simply to ensure that companies are keeping and open mind to their marketing and not falling victim to the “hype” that saturates itself in the marketing world.

I would love to know your feedback and as always, reach out to me and ask how myself and my team can help you connect with more customers using digital marketing and social media. Say hello here.

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