Ontario Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association in Partnership with Ryan Holtz Marketing Consulting & Training Breaks All-Time Sales Record at The Toronto Fall RV Show by Introducing Social Media & Digital Marketing to Gain Online RV Shoppers

ORVDA Official Press Release

ORVDA Official Press Release

Ontario Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association in Partnership with Ryan Holtz Marketing Consulting & Training Breaks All-Time Sales Record at The Toronto Fall RV Show!

What an amazing digital marketing campaign and an even better partnership! The Toronto Fall RV Show was an absolute hit! The ORVDA commisioned us to execute their first ever digital marketing campaign. Natalie and her team at ORVDA including the board have been a pleasure to work with as they want to be innovative and a head of the curve. With the 2017 RV buyer so sophisticated in their online research, it is imperative that our marketing efforts meet them where they are prior to the show. We executed social media, ppc, video pre-roll and LIVE video as a few of our digital marketing efforts.

As a result of this great result and partnership, we are pleased to announce we will be doing the digital and social media marketing Hamilton, Ottawa and the two Toronto RV shows. We will also be rolling out online marketing webinars for through our partnership with The Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada in the next coming months. Stay tuned!

Please contact us here to find out how we can help market your event or trade show successfully using social media and digital marketing strategies.

Facebook Live Ups The Anti With Two Person Interview Style Broadcasts and Waiting Rooms!

IMG_1624 Wow! Facebook Live is pushing hard to disrupt Periscope and main stream television and news cable networks! Since launching their video live streaming service, they have had great success being featured in several hot button news stories along with their existing user base gobbling up the new feature!

In an effort to dominate the online social media space, both personally and professionally, Facebook has been impressive as they have diversified their product offering and really utilized their 1 billion plus users.

Some of the ways businesses are making use of Facebook Live are:

1. Behind the scenes sneak peeks
2. Customer Q & A mixed with frequently asked questions
3. Product reviews
4. How to segments
5. Employee spotlights

With instant access to people’s lives and everyday experiences, Facebook Live has taken full advantage of people’s desire to see through their friends eyes or smartphone camera! Offering live maps to see all the live broadcasts from around the world literally grants people an un-edited and raw unique experience.

I think this new update by Facebook just solidifies where we are headed. Everyone who has a smart phone literally is their own media.

What do you think about the new update?

Come drop me a line here.

Instagram Stories OR Snapchat Stories? Or Both? Casey Neistat YouTube Fun!

*Please note, copyright belongs to Casey Neistat YouTube Channel*

I seen it coming! This all new update is a brilliant move by Instagram for several reasons! Being that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook offered to purchase snapchat and was snubbed ultimately led to this. With Facebook’s current database of 1.5 billion and counting and Instagram with 500 million plus, this makes marketers, companies and people who have a substancial following on Instagram that much more drawm to use the platform.

What is Instagram Stories and How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, it allows you to take snapshots of your everyday activities and use emoji’s and various text to animate and have fun! Again, just like snapchat stories, they last 24 hours. To get a detailed description click here as Instagram beautiful lays out how stories works.

Now, first thing I thought was “good grief, another platform to keep up with and when in a live moment I want to share, how do I choose?” Well, after spending some good time I must admit I load up my live stories into Instagram and then download onto my Iphone Camera roll and syndicate through my camera roll onward to Snapchat memories. Some would call this a “snapchat sell-out” but for me, time is valuable, but I still want to maintain a presence on both.

Being a marketer and marketing agency owner, it is my opinion that Instagram stories is a massive opportunity to connect with your customers and friends in a much more intimate and authentic way ultimately increasing the bottom line. That being said, we cannot ignore how big Snapchat is and the young demographic that represents so much of our beautiful millennials.

To close this post, I suggest companies and people use both and figure out a good balance in your social selling strategy.

Come say hi on Instagram to me here and tell me what you think!

VIDEO: Entrepreneur OR Job? | 5 Tips For Starting A Business

Many people are looking to take the plunge into starting a business. In 2016, literally anyone with an internet connection and smart phone has the opportunity to launch their own empire, literally from their house. In this video, I talk about why I started a business and the opportunities it has given me.

Below are 5 tips for starting a business:

1. Find your passion and fill a need
2. Be you and be authentic
3. Save 6 – 12 months worth of money so that if your business takes time to grow, you do not feel pressure from bills etc.
4. Talk to your partner about it as they are key in your success
5. Provide VALUE as nobody cares about you and your business, but more so how they benefit

Let me know if you have a job or your own business. if you found value, please like, comment and share!

My Feature in The Globe & Mail Drive Section: The Problem with Consumers and New Car Technology Automotive Marketing


*Article written by: Jared Lindzon*

Correction: Ryan Holtz Marketing Consulting & Training is an Edmonton based company.

From its first iteration in 1898, the Detroit auto show remained the premier event for showcasing the latest innovations in the industry. In recent years, however, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has become an equally important event, exemplifying the growing significance of technology in vehicles.

This year’s CES played host to nine of the world’s top 10 automotive manufacturers – as well as a number of tech firms now playing in the automotive space, such as Apple and Google – all of whom came to show off the latest innovations in driverless cars, fuel economy, driver safety and other rapidly evolving automotive technologies. “Nothing less than a smartphone on wheels,” in the words of Gary Shapiro, president of CES.

“I’ve been in this business for over 20 years, and I’m constantly amazed at how over the past three or four years you’ve really seen CES become integral to the technology dialogue for manufacturer,” said Michael Hatch, chief economist of the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA). “There’s a huge investment and a huge demand to see auto makers there, and it’s driving the immediate consumer agenda as to what’s going on.”

Most Canadians, however, don’t attend CES, and only purchase a new vehicle after an average of nine years, an eternity in technology years. But with these rapid advancements emerging as a centrepiece to the automotive sales strategy, marketers, dealers and manufacturers are faced with the challenge of keeping consumers up to speed.

Thus far, studies show they haven’t been doing a great job. A recent report by J.D. Power found that 20 per cent of new-vehicle owners never used more than half of the 33 technology features tracked in the study, such as in-vehicle concierge services, automatic parking and mobile routers. Furthermore, the report found consumers who fail to master these new technologies in the first 30 days of ownership are unlikely to ever use them.

“There’s a large percentage of those consumers that didn’t even give the technology inside their vehicles a try,” said Kristin Kolodge, executive director of driver interaction and HMI research for J.D. Power and Associates.

The Internet has empowered consumers to become more knowledgeable about the vehicles they purchase, but knowing about a car’s features and knowing how to use them are two separate concerns, said Chris Sutton, vice-president of J.D. Power and Associates’ Retail Practice.

“They come in the store with a pretty good sense of what they’re looking for, but their understanding of how that technology works, how it’s interrelated and how to use it, I think they still need help with that,” he said. “It sub-optimizes their ownership experience. You probably have a greater risk than you otherwise would of retaining that customer.”

Sutton adds that dealerships in the United States have begun hiring in-house technology specialists to help consumers better understand the technology features of their automobile, not unlike how tech retailers like Apple and Best Buy offer Genius Bar and Geek Squad support, respectively. While this trend is yet to spread into Canada, Sutton believes that the growing influence of technology in the automotive industry has the potential to disrupt the traditional role of a dealership.

“The key is accepting that it’s probably unlikely that at the end of a four-hour purchasing experience – which would include three hours of delivery and some time upstream talking about the benefits and controls of the vehicle – that, as a customer, I would leave knowing exactly how to use every one of those features and controls,” he said. “It’s incumbent on the dealership to follow up in the first two weeks or the first two months to make sure the customer knows how to use the features of the vehicle.”

Manufacturers, meanwhile, are failing to educate consumers on a wide enough scale, says Ryan Holtz, owner of Ryan Holtz Marketing and Training, a Toronto-based automotive digital marketing company.

“Manufacturers still have not figured out the platform in which to educate and send out that message,” he said. “It’s kind of the wild west in terms of the dealer, because every dealer’s really on their own to choose whether or not to educate the customer on the technology side of it.”

While educating the consumer remains a challenge, Kolodge also believes it could be an opportunity for the industry in countries like Canada where the car buying cycle is nearing a decade long.

“It could encourage a purchase sooner based on the benefits of the new technologies available,” she said, suggesting that automobiles may become out-dated as quickly as other consumer tech products like laptops and phones. “That’s why having that level of awareness is so important.”

Edmonton & Calgary Periscope & Instagram Auto Dealer Digital Marketing Workshop!

We did this workshop in December and as a result of it’s demand, we are doing the exact same thing, with different auto dealers!

With Instagram growing faster than any other social platform and search down 6% it is time to diversify your digital marketing strategy!

Edmonton | February 4, 2016
Calgary | February 5, 2016

We will learn how to:

1. Setup periscope for the dealership
2. Setup Instagram advertising and an account for the dealership
3. Go over case studies and examples of how both Periscope and Instagram can be used in the dealership daily to market and connect with customers both in sales and service
4. Go over content creation and graphic design to ensure your visuals will be noticed by car buyers
5. Review of best practices for both Periscope and Instagram
6. Psychology as to why Instagram has almost 30 times the engagement rate of Facebook and why Periscope has taken off allowing people to see the world all through your mobile device in real time
7. Review of digital spend and overall integration into your current digital strategy


1. Having both periscope and Instagram downloaded on your mobile device
2. A rough draft of your current digital strategy
3. Having a mobile phone charged and ready
4. A great and fun attitude as this will be full of participation and group fun

Register here.

My Keynote Presentation on Digital Marketing For The Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada in Las Vegas, Nevada at Bally’s Hotel & Casino

Photo 2015-10-01, 9 57 39 AM First off, thanks to Eleonore and Anita from the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada for having me as their keynote speaker at this year’s convention hosted at The Bally’s hotel. Just like the automotive industry in general, auto dealers are starting to tackle the best strategy to engage their customers in their chosen format, the internet. Whether a customer is purchasing a $350,000 RV or a $20,000 vehicle, the scales are dramatically the same. The 2015 automotive customer is educated and highly motivated! This is great as the customer is doing their due diligence to find the perfect vehicle or RV that meets their needs. When looking at a basic sales funnel, we want to meet the customer when they are in their discovery phase as this gives us the best chance when they are ready to pull the trigger.

Photo 2015-11-04, 11 28 57 AM We had just around 100 people representing different Canadian RV dealers and companies in the room to take in some information on remarketing, digital marketing, social media and how to cultivate a marketing strategy that is sure to engage and attract the 2015 educated vehicle customer. We talked about:

  • Overall RV dealer digital strategy
  • Facebook remarketing
  • Internal process and who should be doing your marketing
  • How much money RV dealers should spend
  • How to tell your story in a digital landscape
  • Departmental digital marketing strategies

  • Photo 2015-11-03, 8 01 15 PMOverall it was a great morning with some amazing people going over future marketing ideas and really just having a round table. It is awesome to see the recreational vehicle industry here in Canada striving to new heights to better market themselves in the proper context that their customers require. In future, perhaps we will offer some recreational vehicle dealer digital marketing workshops to help work and train with staff.

    Photo 2015-11-04, 9 57 04 AMIf you have any questions on how to marketing your dealership or would like to inquire about having me work with you and your team to develop and execute your digital marketing strategy, please contact me here.

    Keynote Speaker For Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada November 4 at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas | Digital Marketing

    Photo 2015-10-01, 10 57 35 AM
    Join me November 4 at 10:30am as I will be the keynote speaker for the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada in Vegas! I will be talking about the utilization of digital marketing and how recreational vehicle dealers can maximize the tools at their disposal to not only gain new customers, but better serve their existing customer base.

    For more information or to attend, please visit here to get all the latest details! I definitely think that anyone who is in the recreation vehicle industry knows the challenges and growth that is happening when their customers are using the internet in their research regime. This presentation will be of benefit to everyone.

    Have an amazing day and hope you are wearing your best socks!


    Call or text 780.218.5899 or @RyanHoltz1 on the Twitter and Instagram!

    Workshop Alert: “Auto Dealership Website Google Analytics” In Calgary & Edmonton

    Photo 2015-02-25, 1 07 44 PM

    Dealership Website Google Analytics

    Do You Know How To Read Your Dealerships Website Google Analytics? Do You Even Have Access To These? With Car Buyers Visiting 18 Plus Websites Prior To Contacting You, Your Website Is Your Online Showroom And You MUST Know What Your Online Showroom Traffic Is Doing And How They Got To You.

    You will learn:

    How to access your google analytics
    How to read and segment your report based on date, time and traffic sources
    How to measure success of your pay per click ad campaigns
    How to understand metrics like clicks, conversions, active sessions, bounce rate, unique visitors
    How to AUDIT your website provider and third party vendors by cross referencing their reports with your GOOGLE traffic report
    What questions you should be asking when selecting a website or pay per click vendor
    How to break down this report in a “easy to understand” format to assist management with marketing and advertising decisions
    How to use this report to make sure you are fully prepared when meeting with vendors
    How to read graphs generated
    How to segment your report based on mobile traffic, referral sources and even social media traffic
    How to setup google analytics
    We will do a LIVE audit of a active website to ensure full understanding

    Prior to attending, YOU must have access to your analytics by contacting your website vendor to obtain usernames and passwords to grant you access. PLEASE NOTE every website vendor should make this available to you as you own the right to access your own analytics on the back end of your website.

    By the end of this workshop, you will understand the basics of google analytics along with the relevancy and importance of interpreting this data to ultimately help you make better decisions when setting up ad campaigns and executing your digital marketing initiatives.

    Register here.

    Hey Auto Dealer, Sell Me A Car Through Text Message!


    With so much training being offered for phone and sales, there is a huge under tone when it comes to how car buyers want to communicate. EVERYONE has said the phrase “Just Send Me A Text”.

    In a small poll I took with some of my auto dealership clients, I asked the product advisors/sales associates when they communicate with a car buyer, what percentage is done through text message? The answer: 63% On average! - WOW!

    Have a look at this article written in the Automotive News.

    So, the question is:

    As a car dealer, what kind of support/training are you providing to your sales staff to be equipped with the very best in mobile technology, but also text communication skills!

    It is 2015 and I am sure we can all agree that voice to voice phone time has decreased!

    So, I will end off by saying: “Send Me A Text” and ask how I can help assist your sales teams understand technology and proper texting.

    What do you think about texting?