Renowned Internet Famous DJ TLM from Amsterdam Explains How to Create Your DJ Brand Globally | #Episode 48 Ryan Holtz Show Podcast

Amsterdam born DJ and producer DJ TLM has been rocking crowds at clubs, festivals and corporate/private events for over 25 years. The DJ is best known for his ability to incorporate turntablism into his club sets.

DJ TLM is also well known for performing as a tour DJ. You can frequently catch him live on stage with Dutch platinum selling Hip Hop artist Brainpower. They have done over 3500 shows in the last 20 years and still perform regularly.

On the international side, DJ TLM is ‘sharing the knowledge’ through his educational channel DJ TLM TV and currently has a global following of 140.000+ subscribers on YouTube. He produces tutorials, product reviews, tips & tricks videos, vlogs, interactive scratch sessions and much more.

On the music production side TLM has worked with several artists (like Brainpower and Dicecream) and his scratches have found their way onto many artists albums. TLM released his own debut single ‘Show Me’ back in 2015.

DJ TLM is the Dutch Regional Manager for the world’s leading subscription-based digital record pool DJcity. He also creates video content for DJcity.

I am super humbled to have DJTL on our podcast to drop some serious value to our listeners. Below is summary of our show notes and much more:

1. How to produce value based content and increase views on YouTube
2. How to balance being a father/parent and business? Is there such a thing?
3. Importance of flexibility with time and a great support system
4. The Art Of Dj’ing Freestyle
5. How to monetize your content on YouTube
6. How to brand yourself as a DJ
7. The importance of knowing beats, bars and phrases as a DJ and musician
8. How to use technology and social media to expand your DJ brand globally 19:00
9. How adding value to people should be your number one motivation
10. How to use the internet to learn and grow as a content creator
11. How to get the attention of brands that want to sponsor your content? 27:10
12. How to become a successful DJ in 2018/2019? 29:34
13. How to succeed on YouTube in a saturated creators market 53:30


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