Facebook Live Ups The Anti With Two Person Interview Style Broadcasts and Waiting Rooms!

IMG_1624 Wow! Facebook Live is pushing hard to disrupt Periscope and main stream television and news cable networks! Since launching their video live streaming service, they have had great success being featured in several hot button news stories along with their existing user base gobbling up the new feature!

In an effort to dominate the online social media space, both personally and professionally, Facebook has been impressive as they have diversified their product offering and really utilized their 1 billion plus users.

Some of the ways businesses are making use of Facebook Live are:

1. Behind the scenes sneak peeks
2. Customer Q & A mixed with frequently asked questions
3. Product reviews
4. How to segments
5. Employee spotlights

With instant access to people’s lives and everyday experiences, Facebook Live has taken full advantage of people’s desire to see through their friends eyes or smartphone camera! Offering live maps to see all the live broadcasts from around the world literally grants people an un-edited and raw unique experience.

I think this new update by Facebook just solidifies where we are headed. Everyone who has a smart phone literally is their own media.

What do you think about the new update?

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Guest Speaker For The New Brunswick Auto Dealers Association Annual General Meeting Along With Rick Gauthier, President of Canadian Auto Dealers Association

Photo 2015-11-12, 6 25 04 PMMy second time as a guest speaker for The New Brunswick Auto Dealers Association was great. Very thankful to be invited back for a second year in a row. Jane Young who is the Executive Director put on a marvellous event with meetings and speaker sessions in the afternoon and then an amazing Gala with entertainment from a hypnotist in the evening. I love attending these events as it gives myself a broader knowledge of the auto industry in Canada, not just from a marketing stand point, but as an industry in general.

Photo 2015-11-13, 10 58 41 AMI attended a close door dealer only meeting that had Rick Gauthier, President and CEO of The Canadian Auto Dealers Association giving some information and updating the dealer body on relevant and important items pertaining to the industry. The one statistic he mentioned was absolutely mind blowing in that the auto industry is a 160 billion dollar industry here in Canada which includes dealers, auto body and after market. The dealer portion is around a 100 billion which makes up for around 20% of retail sales in Canada. This industry is alive and well and offers so much diversity, happy to see more and more high performing people enter in.

Photo 2015-11-13, 12 50 48 PMFor my topic this year, I wanted to diversify a bit and not just talk about social media, but rather mindset and digital marketing for auto dealers as a whole. I created a presentation that was thought provoking but zoned in on specific examples that auto dealers in Canada face on a day to day basis.

David Brown, General Manager of Downey Ford introduced me and also sits on the board. He gave an amazing intro speech but most notable is how he mentioned sending one of his marketing people to my digital marketing workshops who was brand new to the auto industry coming from a newspaper background and managed to double their website page views after just one session, you can watch what he say’s in this video. Thanks David!

Photo 2015-11-13, 6 42 56 PMI want to wrap this note up by saying 2015 has been a monster year for the auto industry in terms of change and education.

Photo 2015-11-11, 2 04 18 PMOn my plane ride from Edmonton to Toronto was Premier Rachel Notley who I had to take a quick selfie with, super nice lady! Just goes to show that you never know who you will bump into at any given time! I am super humbled to have the clients I do, but also super excited for our industry moving into 2016. I think for people who are involved in our industry right now or thinking of coming in, there is not better time then now now to immerse yourself in it. So much change and possibility! See you soon!

Sexy, Sophisticated, Innovative Are A Few Words To Describe Tesla! My First In-Person Peek In Toronto Was Great! This Car Is An Auto Marketer’s Dream!


Well, I was in Toronto on business to speak at The Canadian Jewellery Expo and a little bit of pleasure and stopped into Yorkdale mall. This was the first time I seen the Tesla store. I had to take a step inside and check it out! Clean, minimalistic and sexy is my first impression of the store and the car.

Having a chat with the Tesla consultant we talked about how I thought Tesla was great, but confusing as a company. Being a stock day trader enthusiast I am constantly following the shares closely as one day, I might add Tesla to my portfolio. Anyhow, the sales rep and I both agreed that the automotive industry in the world and specifically in Canada needs to innovate and involve which it has. A company like Tesla is all about innovation and raising the bar so this is exciting as it just might be that steroid that the automotive sector! Being a automotive marketer who is based in Edmonton but has dealership clients across Canada I see the struggles and pain that dealers are enduring to shift into 2015 digital.

For all you Tesla lovers and haters, I would love to know your take on this extremely advanced and unique vehicle!

Ta ta for now!

Video Advertising & Blogging Dealer Digital Marketing Workshop In Calgary Jan. 19 & Edmonton Jan.20

Photo 2015-01-05, 1 45 13 PM

Welcome To 2015! Video Advertising & Blogging For Dealers IS A Must!

*Internet video traffic will be 69% of ALL global consumer internet traffic by 2017*

Quick Facts:

  • Over half of 25-54 year olds share video online
  • A minute of video is worth over 1.8 million words
  • 5 benefits of blogging are increased seo, leads, search rank, online identity and overall network
  • Internet video traffic will be 69% of ALL global consumer internet traffic by 2017

  • You will learn:

  • Why 76% of consumers on average prefer to consume YOUR brand via video
  • A look at a few case studies in the auto industry who have achieved success
  • What makes a great video stand out to a car buyer
  • Should you produce the video in house or hire a outside agency?
  • How to storyboard and come up with a series of video content
  • What is BLOGGING?
  • HOW AND WHY is blogging so important
  • Why GOOGLE rewards your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rank when you have a blog
  • What is keyword indexing and rich format content?
  • How can your blog become a lead generator?
  • How often should you blog?
  • Who at the dealership should be responsible for this?
  • How do you measure the ROI? (Return On Investment)

  • By the end of this full day Ryan Holtz/Alberta Motor Dealers association hosted workshop, you will understand video advertising basics and what your customer’s expectations are. You will also understand the importance of blogging and why exactly in 2015 it is going to be one of the BIGGEST and CHEAPEST forms of advertising.


    Holtz MDA Calgary Workshop on “26 Car Buyer Touch Points On Path To Purchase According To Google”


    What a great way to end off a week leading up to Christmas with some AMAZING Calgary and area auto dealers! This past Friday, I did a workshop in partnership with The Motor Dealers Association Of Alberta that was called “26 Touch Points On The Path To Purchase According To Google” in Calgary.

    I am always excited to host a workshop as I get to talk digital marketing to my beloved automotive peeps! I love auto and I love marketing, so what a match made in heaven. I do not want to blab too long, but here are a couple staggering facts when it comes to customers who are looking to purchase a vehicle online and using the Internet to do their research!

    Fact 1:

    The average car buyer visits about 18 websites prior to stepping in a showroom!

    Fact 2:

    80% of car buyers found and narrowed it down to two dealers within the first 5 days!

    Fact 3:

    Canada leads the world in Google searches per person according to Google!

    “I found this workshop amazing and am always excited to attend a Motor Dealers Association Of Alberta automotive marketing workshop when I hear Ryan Holtz will be teaching it.” said Caitlyn Young of Charlesglen Toyota in Calgary.

    All in all this was a amazing workshop and a great topic to end off 2014 in a BIG WAY!

    Stay tuned for 2015 as we are going to step it up in a big way!

    If you have any digital marketing questions or would like to chat, reach out to me!

    #HoltzMDAWorkshop on YouTube True View & Online Conversion for Alberta Auto Dealerships

    Photo 2014-10-03, 12 25 51 PM

    Well, another awesome session with Edmonton and Calgary automotive dealers on the subject of YouTube true view and online conversion. I wanted to write a quick blog post and share some conversation from both sessions that was happening on twitter using the hashtag #HoltzMDAWorkshop.

    Screenshot 2014-10-06 10.14.40 Bragging rights for the most tweets goes out to Gwyn from Maclin Ford who was tweeting up a storm. A close second goes to Caitlyn from Charlesglen Toyota in Calgary. Thanks to everyone for the tweets and awesome participation!

    I love doing these workshops as I feel the auto industry is growing and expanding and it is super fun to be apart of that. Some great questions were asked and thoughts and ideas given. This makes for the perfect mental challenge! Some of the topics we covered were:

  • Online conversion and how to keep organized
  • Successful concept to completion for YouTube trueview campaigns
  • Creative and engaging concepts to acquire and maintain customer relationships
  • Have a peek at some of the conversation that was happening on Twitter!

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    Gallery of Tweet and Pictures!

    Social Media Marketing 101 For Calgary Automotive Dealers

    Photo 2014-05-07, 3 06 03 PM (1)

    Such an awesome time! I am a bit late on posting this but it has been a busy schedule! Better late than never! I had the pleasure of spending time with some awesome automotive car dealers in Calgary, Alberta. We went over how to successfully understand and implement social media inside of a car dealership and the best ways to incorporate it as a tool that will help gain and retain car buyers.

    I want to keep this post really short, but PLEASE take a peek at the below tweets and pictures from the event!

    Tweets & Pictures (Click To View)

    Featured in the article “Social Strategy” by The Canadian Auto Dealer Magazine in their November/December issue

    I was Featured in this article "Social Strategy" by The Canadian Auto Dealer Magazine alongside Paul Potratz.

    I was Featured in this article “Social Strategy” by The Canadian Auto Dealer Magazine alongside Paul Potratz.

    Very humbled and honored to be featured in this article. The team over at Canadian Auto Dealer magazine had reached out wanting to write a piece about social media implementation inside of the dealership. As I have said from the beginning, Social Media just by itself will not accomplish the goals you set out to conquer. A “mutual fund” type approach will allow you to diversify all of your marketing mediums in their own individual right working together for the ultimate goal: One voice, one sound ALWAYS.

    Engagement and talking with people is what it is all about. I truly believe that customers are just bored and fed up with the traditional style marketing that dealerships have been doing for years and years. The way a human consumes their data has literally changed so in EVERY industry they must learn to grow and adapt. In my opinion, your customer leads the way and tells you exactly what they want, you just have to have an open mind to be able to listen to them!

    I LOVE the automotive industry because it is ever changing and has so much room for growth and potential. I started in this industry just one year ago TODAY and have immensely enjoyed the journey. I have yet to even touch the surface and look forward to the challenges and growth ahead!

    Hope you enjoyed the article and big shout out to the team over at The Canadian Auto Dealer Magazine. This has been a fantastic article and read.

    To read the full article click here and go to Page 46

    SNEEK PEEK | Presenting to The Motor Dealers Association of Alberta

    Last Friday November 22, 2013 I had the pleasure of speaking to The Alberta Motor Dealers Association on the topics of Social Media and how to implement it into the dealership. This is a topic I am extremely passionate about as alot of businesses and people in general are just not sure how to go about getting started. In my presentation I use a picture of Alexander Graham Bell because he invented the telephone. Social media and the whole “digital” culture is not a fad or the next big thing. It simply is another way that human beings are choosing to communicate and for this reason alone, IT MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.

    Me speaking to The Alberta Motor Dealers Association

    Me speaking to The Alberta Motor Dealers Association

    Anyhow, just wanted to drop a quick blog and invite everyone out to the workshop this Friday November 29,2013 as I will be speaking to Calgary and area auto dealers about social media and digital.

    Check out some feedback about this presentation below with some Tweet testimonials ;)