Intro To Snapchat & Facebook For Calgary & Edmonton Automotive Dealers! | Ryan Holtz

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Intro To Snapchat & Facebook For Auto Dealers!

Edmonton: April 4, 2016

Calgary: April 5, 2016

With almost a quarter of car sales coming from millennials, dealers NEED to incorporate Snapchat into their digital strategy!

We will learn:

1. How to use snapchat daily lenses

2. How to incorporate snapchat into the delivery process

3. How to incorporate snapchat into everyday service aspects of the business

4. How to use snapchat face swap

5. How to use snapchat story replies

6. How to build your snapchat following to get past, present and future customers to view your snaps

7. How to use snapchat to SELL cars

8. Overview of Facebook

9. Overview of Facebook and all the new recent features and business profile page changes

10. Brief overview of different types of Facebook ads

11. Overview of how to incorporate Facebook into sales and service aspects of the car business

12. Overview of how Facebook can generate leads and be just as effective as Google pay per click

General manager’s, sales managers, sales staff and marketing personnel would benefit from this. Due to the new faces in our Alberta dealerships, we have had tons of request for more “basic” workshops. However, to try and accommodate all dealership skill levels, this workshop would be suitable for all automotive professionals as we have tailored beginner information with advanced. As alway’s, these are round table workshops and we encourage participation and open dialogue when attending.

Register here.

Reactvertising “Workshop” for Edmonton & Calgary Auto Dealers “AKA” Marketing In Real Time!

The days of “we can respond when we get into the dealership tomorrow” are short lived! Welcome to the world of REAL TIME and high expectation marketing requested from your very own past, present and future car buyers. In this workshop we will explore:

1. What exactly is “Reactvertising” and marketing in real time How can you create micro content that is ready to “react” to the current event that is unfolding NOW
2. Other brands that are increasing audience numbers in droves Specific scenarios of car buyers who are converting and focusing their attention to “reactvertising” style marketing
3. How to be ready and on stand by when there is a current event or season finale hit show drawing in millions of eyeballs
4. How to create a real time marketing strategy focused on current, relevant trends and immediate feedback from customers

The Goal: To connect with consumers who are in the market now, in REAL TIME.

What YOU Need To Bring:
1. Current dealership’s digital strategy
2. Laptop
3. Thinking cap

*******Please note*******

This workshop is interactive with group participation and round table conversation. This helps to get the creative juices flowing!

Contact me to register and for more information!

What Are Some Tips To Create A Successful Automotive Dealership Social Media Plan?


So this would be one of the questions that I get asked the most. My first thought is always “how the heck do I answer this?” This question is so broad and loaded with many different aspects.

When a auto dealership decides that they would like to take the plunge into social media I think it is awesome. The first suggestion that I would make, is do a FULL audit of your current digital strategy or marketing efforts. From here, decide where you want social media to be interjected.

When I worked at the dealership and was first hired, I found myself very overwhelmed simply because I did not know where to begin or where we were at. I want to make this very apparent and clear, to be good at social media and gain good traction with past, present and future car buyers it takes WORK .

Let’s talk about attitude. Sales managers, dealer principles, product advisors or even owners all must have a very positive and accepting attitude when it comes to adopting new forms of marketing and communication. I believe that ONE person should be behind the social media for a dealership as this will ensure clarity and consistency and one voice for the dealership.

Here are a few tips to get started:

✅ Figure out what your dealerships branding message and goals are.

✅ Do an audit of all your current marketing initiatives whether it be paper, radio, tv, pay per click or third party websites.

✅ Pick two or three social media platforms whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube and master and get really good at those first.

✅ Pick one person or decide if you are hiring out to manage all social media channels. Reach out to me as this is a service I offer.

✅ Setup your two or three social media platforms and ensure all information is filled out. Ensure all logo’s and dealership information is accurate and present.

✅ Start talking, interacting and engaging with people, remember that the whole point of social media is to be social.

✅ Post 10% about the dealership, things such as pictures of vehicles, staff functions, sales and 90% about life and what is going on in your local city.

✅ My FINAL and MOST important tip is to educate and find training that will help you execute and deploy this successfully inside of the dealership. Have a peek at what dealers have said about some of my past digital marketing workshops.

I hope this article has helped and as always please share with your social communities and feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Proud to be named “Marketer of The Year” by City of Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce

Well, I am very humbled and grateful to be awarded Marketer of The Year by The City of Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce. In the past year the tri-area has been so open minded and willing to try different things.

Rosetta in particular did an amazing job of putting on these awards! She is the local ATB Financial branch manager in Spruce Grove and can be found in the community giving back or giving someone a hand. She is great, literally!

Stuart Houston, Mayor of the City of Spruce Grove gave us a big shout out by singing the Bobby Curtolla hook “Return To Zender” and telling everyone to go and buy a vehicle!

All in all I wanted to write a post thanking EVERYONE for their support and for the huge award of “Marketer of The Year” :)

Special Thank You’s:

-Barb Livingstone, McDonalds
-Ela Guenette, Grain Elevator
-Stuart Houston, Mayor, City of Spruce Grove
-Robyn Graystone, Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce

***Please note this post was compiled on an Iphone so I apologize for any spelling errors.***