Reactvertising “Workshop” for Edmonton & Calgary Auto Dealers “AKA” Marketing In Real Time!

The days of “we can respond when we get into the dealership tomorrow” are short lived! Welcome to the world of REAL TIME and high expectation marketing requested from your very own past, present and future car buyers. In this workshop we will explore:

1. What exactly is “Reactvertising” and marketing in real time How can you create micro content that is ready to “react” to the current event that is unfolding NOW
2. Other brands that are increasing audience numbers in droves Specific scenarios of car buyers who are converting and focusing their attention to “reactvertising” style marketing
3. How to be ready and on stand by when there is a current event or season finale hit show drawing in millions of eyeballs
4. How to create a real time marketing strategy focused on current, relevant trends and immediate feedback from customers

The Goal: To connect with consumers who are in the market now, in REAL TIME.

What YOU Need To Bring:
1. Current dealership’s digital strategy
2. Laptop
3. Thinking cap

*******Please note*******

This workshop is interactive with group participation and round table conversation. This helps to get the creative juices flowing!

Contact me to register and for more information!

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