What Are Some Tips To Create A Successful Automotive Dealership Social Media Plan?


So this would be one of the questions that I get asked the most. My first thought is always “how the heck do I answer this?” This question is so broad and loaded with many different aspects.

When a auto dealership decides that they would like to take the plunge into social media I think it is awesome. The first suggestion that I would make, is do a FULL audit of your current digital strategy or marketing efforts. From here, decide where you want social media to be interjected.

When I worked at the dealership and was first hired, I found myself very overwhelmed simply because I did not know where to begin or where we were at. I want to make this very apparent and clear, to be good at social media and gain good traction with past, present and future car buyers it takes WORK .

Let’s talk about attitude. Sales managers, dealer principles, product advisors or even owners all must have a very positive and accepting attitude when it comes to adopting new forms of marketing and communication. I believe that ONE person should be behind the social media for a dealership as this will ensure clarity and consistency and one voice for the dealership.

Here are a few tips to get started:

✅ Figure out what your dealerships branding message and goals are.

✅ Do an audit of all your current marketing initiatives whether it be paper, radio, tv, pay per click or third party websites.

✅ Pick two or three social media platforms whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube and master and get really good at those first.

✅ Pick one person or decide if you are hiring out to manage all social media channels. Reach out to me as this is a service I offer.

✅ Setup your two or three social media platforms and ensure all information is filled out. Ensure all logo’s and dealership information is accurate and present.

✅ Start talking, interacting and engaging with people, remember that the whole point of social media is to be social.

✅ Post 10% about the dealership, things such as pictures of vehicles, staff functions, sales and 90% about life and what is going on in your local city.

✅ My FINAL and MOST important tip is to educate and find training that will help you execute and deploy this successfully inside of the dealership. Have a peek at what dealers have said about some of my past digital marketing workshops.

I hope this article has helped and as always please share with your social communities and feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

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