SPEAKING: Canadian Jewellers Expo Conference in Toronto & Edmonton

May-June issue of Canadian Jewellers Magazine Feature

May-June issue of Canadian Jewellers Magazine Feature

Very excited to announce that I have been invited as a featured speaker by the organizers of the Canadian Jewellers Expo Conference in both Edmonton and Toronto. I am going to explore the possibilities that jewellers can benefit from when it comes to social media and digital marketing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are huge platforms to get that diamond in front of the right buyer. I am so pleased to be involved with this event and industry and I think the jewellery retailer and buyer have changed and adapted over recent years. The way be purchase and shop for jewellery has evolved in big part to the internet. This conference and education day is a huge step to a even more modern and innovative industry.

Dates I will be speaking:

Toronto: August 10-12
Edmonton: August 15-17

My presentation will touch on:

  • Various Social Media platforms such as twitter, facebook, instagram and YouTube
  • Importance of Content Marketing
  • Selecting the right image to get maximum engagement
  • How Jewellery buyers are using social media and the internet to educate themselves
  • How to tap into major industries like weddings and celebrations using social media
  • To check out my feature and the full May-June 2014 issue of Canadian Jewellers Magazine click here.

    Hope to see you there and remember, you can never have enough bling!

    Instagram For Automotive Dealers?! Yes, That Is Right. If Your Dealership Is Not On Instagram, Get On It!!!!!


    So, with over 200 MILLION monthly active users, how can your auto dealership afford not to be on Instagram? Remember when we were all in grade school how are teachers use to get us to read and write these LLLOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG paragraphs and then when it came to test time we would forget? Nothing has changed! As humans our brains are working with serotonin and dopamine which evoke emotion into our brains. We all have short attention spans and therefore love to take and absorb information quickly! Pictures, Pictures and more pictures! The old adage is a picture is worth a thousand words, well in today’s noisy world of advertising, a picture just might be worth a million words!

    Professor Scott Galloway from The University of New York justifies why Instagram is THE social networking website to be on. It had 15 times the engagement of Facebook and 25 times the engagement of Twitter according to numerous and extensive studies done. Check out the first four minutes of Scott giving a speech explaining marketing and the psychology of the human brain.

    Here are some tips for a automotive car dealer testing the waters and starting a Instagram account:

  • Post regularly
  • Be creative with the images you post
  • Tell a story through the image
  • “Like” and “Comment” on other people’s images
  • Use what you have in the dealership
  • Involve staff
  • Monitor your account daily
  • Create a awesome BIO and Instagram handle
  • DO NOT post images that you would not find interesting
  • Well , as always, have fun with your account and remember that you are posting images to ultimately engage with your potential car buying customers.

    You can connect with me on Instagram here. If you have any questions or need help with getting your auto dealership online using Instagram reach out to me here.

    What do you think about Instagram? Love it or Hate it? I would love to know!

    GUEST SPEAKER: Internet Battle Plan August 5-7 Seattle, Washington

    Screenshot 2014-06-04 10.37.52

    I am delighted to be a guest at Jim Ziegler’s Internet Battle Plan conference in Seattle Washington August 5-7. This conference will be amazing as it will touch on marketing, social media, video seo, lead response, website seo and the value of good content. Speakers like Elise Kephart & Sean V Bradley will be in the house. Serious knowledge will be dropped!

    I am excited to contribute with my presentation which will be on:

    “We Gotta Close The Lead, But How Do We Get More? Importance of Marketing Inside A Dealership”

  • basic understanding of marketing
  • should your hire in house or outsource
  • important of training and continuing education
  • successful transition from traditional to new age digital marketing
    social media
  • Reach out to me if any of your dealership staff would like to attend or if you have any questions! Contact me.

    Check out the conference HERE.

    VIDEO: Guest On Auto Dealer Live with JD Rucker and The Ryan Sisters Talking About Social Media, Individual Branding and Marketing

    Education and knowledge dropped for automotive dealers! This online video segment by auto dealer live really hit the nail on the head! Guests JD Rucker, Amanda Ryan, Erin Ryan and myself along with David Villa chatted about social media, marketing and individual branding inside of the dealership. Alot of dealers are very hesitant when it comes to having their staff or sales personnel develop their own identity for fear that they may leave and take all of their customers with them. In my opinion, this is a very flawed and a dated way of thinking as it is 2014 and technology has made a very even and diverse playing field.

    I am not going to type anymore so you can take some valuable and well worth it time to have a peek!

    What do you think about individual branding inside of the dealership?