GUEST SPEAKER: Internet Battle Plan August 5-7 Seattle, Washington

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I am delighted to be a guest at Jim Ziegler’s Internet Battle Plan conference in Seattle Washington August 5-7. This conference will be amazing as it will touch on marketing, social media, video seo, lead response, website seo and the value of good content. Speakers like Elise Kephart & Sean V Bradley will be in the house. Serious knowledge will be dropped!

I am excited to contribute with my presentation which will be on:

“We Gotta Close The Lead, But How Do We Get More? Importance of Marketing Inside A Dealership”

  • basic understanding of marketing
  • should your hire in house or outsource
  • important of training and continuing education
  • successful transition from traditional to new age digital marketing
    social media
  • Reach out to me if any of your dealership staff would like to attend or if you have any questions! Contact me.

    Check out the conference HERE.

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