VIDEO: Guest On Auto Dealer Live with JD Rucker and The Ryan Sisters Talking About Social Media, Individual Branding and Marketing

Education and knowledge dropped for automotive dealers! This online video segment by auto dealer live really hit the nail on the head! Guests JD Rucker, Amanda Ryan, Erin Ryan and myself along with David Villa chatted about social media, marketing and individual branding inside of the dealership. Alot of dealers are very hesitant when it comes to having their staff or sales personnel develop their own identity for fear that they may leave and take all of their customers with them. In my opinion, this is a very flawed and a dated way of thinking as it is 2014 and technology has made a very even and diverse playing field.

I am not going to type anymore so you can take some valuable and well worth it time to have a peek!

What do you think about individual branding inside of the dealership?

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