Broken Stiletto’s, Shoeless Women and Sexy Cars…Huh?!

In recent months sitting at the dealership, I have heard countless times women that say: “My goodness! I wish they could raise the pedals just a bit higher, do you know how many heels I have broke and scuffed!”

Well as we know most women love shoes but they also LOVE cars. Just like anyone, we are always trying to combine all our guilty pleasures. Apart of the car buying process is to evaluate ones needs and wants. (In the sales world, we call this “Qualifying A Buyer”) Custom color, A/C, Sunroof, Navigation System, Legroom and the list goes on and on!

Just like any major purchase decision in a household, BOTH parties have to agree…yeah that’s right gents, if she say’s no, it’s NO! Gents, always start off when asking your better half for something with one word: “shoes” – just picture this for me: “Honey I love this brand spanking new 2013 F-150, all of those beautiful gorgeous shoes that you have scuffed, nicked and broke over the years, you don’t have to worry, the accelerator and brake paddles can be adjusted. Problem Solved!”

Wow! She is happy because she get’s to maintain her extravagant shoe collection and you walk away with a nice new Toy.

Ok, back to the topic at hand, sorry, I tend to get a bit carried away. My point is, that women and automotive go hand in hand. Fact: Of all my posts to social media regarding trucks, 47% of views/replies are from females and I think this is great! Forums, Blogs, reviews and the Internet itself have made ALL consumers very informed and educated when buying a vehicle. Consumers nowadays have never been so detail oriented when making a big purchase. Walking by and over hearing a female customer talking about how her shoes get broken when driving, as part of her “Needs Analysis” is highly detailed. My response: Good for her! She knows what she wants and it is our (The Auto Dealer) job to make it happen.

“I don’t actually condone driving in heels or stilettos because it’s really unsafe but if women are going to do to it anyway, here are some “tips” to saving your shoes!” says Lauren Willms, owner of Modern Sole (@modernsole) in Sherwood Park, Alberta


  • Look for a shoe without a leather wrapped heel. Leather wrapped heels tend to get nicked or damaged while driving, especially if driving a standard. Look for a shoe with a wooden or rubber heel to prevent having to get your favourite pair of shoes repaired.
  • Choose a wedge over a stiletto or high heel. Wedges are a much more stable shoe and provide a broader base for your foot, making it hard to get caught on anything while driving (such as floor mats). Stilettos heels can also snap and break, while with a wedge, you won’t have this issue.
  • My number one tip for safe driving and saving your coveted pair of stilettos is having a pair of flats, UGGs or “driving moccasins” in the trunk or back seat of your car to wear while driving. This will prevent your heels from getting caught or damaged, and provide you and everyone else on the road a safe driving experience ☺
  • Hey Pastor, is that an iPhone in Your Pocket? or Six Reasons I Use Social Media for Ministry

    “Wow, I’ve never meet a pastor who uses social media like you do!” I often hear. Which surprises me. Because social media use among clergy is growing. And social media has become an important part of my ministry. It’s the way the world is talking!

    Here are six reasons why I use social media for ministry:

    1. It connects me with a wider community.

    In my job it’s easy to be insular. It’s a cliche that ministry is a 24/7 enterprise. And that can be true. But while I rarely get that 3:00 am phone call, there is ALWAYS something to do. Social media helps me see beyond the church world into the wider world that we say God loves, and helps me make relationships with people I might not meet otherwise.

    For example, I’m writing this for Ryan Holtz (@RyanHoltz1), and we have never personally met. Yet, I have found our twitter interactions valuable. Also, when I was living in Lethbridge, I made connections in the community through Twitter (@powe2550), allowing me access to opportunities and partnerships that would never have been available to me without social media.

    2. It connects me to the daily lives of those in my congregation.

    A governing principle of social media in my denomination (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada) is to wait until a congregation member “friends” the pastor on Facebook, or “Follows” on Twitter or Instagram, or “Connects” on Linkedin before reciprocating. The thinking is that there is a power dynamic at play, and pastors shouldn’t use their pastoral authority to push their way into the social media lives of those to whom they minister.

    That’s wise guidance. But it’s also a little paranoid. Just like asking for a pastoral visit where I get to experience my members in their natural habitat, and gain insight into their lives and faith in ways I can’t in the brief Sunday morning interactions, I ask to connect on social media so I can experience them in a more meaningful way. And they can see what I’m up to. It goes both ways.  I’m not “spying on them” as some have suggested, but building relationships with the tools that people use today.

    I have ministered to people in crisis over Facebook, and have said prayers for people over Twitter. These tools enhance my ministry in ways I couldn’t have dreamed of when I started as a pastor.

    3. It connects me to a variety of perspectives that I wouldn’t otherwise encounter.

    Some social media commentators are worried that tools like Facebook and Twitter are polarizing the political discourse, since users can choose who they will and will not follow, or engage with. That users will only follow people or read content they agree with. They’re concerned that people are “unfriending” cousin Janet in California who voted for Obama, or are blocking the tweets of a high school buddy who has since become a Fox News fanatic, which lowers the variety of voices people hear, and diminishes informed political thought. Which results in splitting people unduly into two camps, and negatively influencing policy.

    That may be true for some. But I have friends and followers from across the political and theological spectrum. Having such a diversity of thought cross my screen each day keeps me from tweeting in an echo chamber. For example, I swing to the left both politically and theologically, yet conservative commentator David Frum (@DavidFrum) is one of my favourite tweeters. I find that I need alternative views to challenge my own ideas and beliefs, to protect me from lazy group-think.

    4. It connects me to a larger body of colleagues who both affirm and challenge me.

    I find social media VERY helpful in gaining new ideas for ministry, and insight into older models. I often throw questions out for colleagues in Twitter and Facebook such as “What’s the most helpful preaching resource you use?” and receive useful feedback.

    Also, late one December, I was banging my head against my keyboard, hoping a Christmas sermon would pop out, but nothing was coming. So, I went on Twitter and complained about “sermon block.” Within an hour, 20 preachers had sent me drafts of their Christmas sermons.

    While I didn’t use any of them, they were excellent inspiration for my coming up with my own. And we had wonderful conversations and debates regarding the content of the sermons.

    5. It connects me to others when I’m feeling alone.

    Since I live alone and (mostly) work alone, nights can get mighty lonely. And I’ve found social media connects me with others. Also, when I separated from my wife in 2009, my connections on social media (usually divorced men themselves) created a virtual support, which helped me get through some pretty tough nights.

    While some say that social media connections aren’t real, these friends were (and are) pretty real to me. Even though I have never met most of them in person. Social media friends never replace face-to-face friends, they’re another form of relationship that should not be diminished.

    6. It connects the gospel message to those in my networks.

    Social media is the newest way to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. And not just by posting my sermons, or tweeting inspirational quotes or bible passages. But also by sharing good news in a bad news world. Tweeting words of love and encouragement. Proclaiming what I believe to be true, that God is active and alive in the world, creating something new and beautiful each day.

    I would never send an unwanted tweet or comment on an Facebook status without thinking about how it would be received any more than I would stand on a street corner and preach at people as they walk by. My message is built as much upon relationships as it is by my faith.

    New technology has always been used by churches to connect with others and proclaim their message. For me, social media has become so in grained into my ministry that I can’t imagine how I would minister without it.

    Feel free to connect with me.  I would love to continue the conversation!

    Twitter: @powe2550


    Instagram: powe2550


    Rev. Kevin Powell is pastor at St. John Lutheran Church of Golden Spike ( in Golden Spike, AB, just west of Edmonton and south of Spruce Grove, in Parkland County.

    Hello Car Dealers! 6 Seconds Is All It Takes….

    I am going to get straight to the point. Everyone would agree that in today’s digital space, people are shopping for vehicles online in the masses. When someone lands on your web page and shows interest in a particular stock number, response time, email templates, auto responders and content such as pictures or video is SO DAMN important in building value with that potential customer. This can ALL be done in 6 seconds!

    Some of you may have heard of a Media platform called Vine. This platform is so useful and impactful as it allows you to make a 6 second video montage of ANYTHING! Try to visualize with me: Your customer is on the other end with his or her laptop just dying to see what that vehicle has inside, now the old adage is that picture is worth a thousand words, well, a VIDEO is worth MILLIONS!

    You will see up top a video that I did at Zender Ford here in Edmonton of a 2013 Ford Cmax Energy showcasing the front grill, wheels, side view and the rear hatch. ALL IN 6 SECONDS!!!!

    Over and Out.

    Car Dealers think that they shouldn’t be on Twitter? Really?! Wake Up!

    Dealers think that they shouldn’t be on Twitter? Really?! Wake Up!

    Dealers think that they shouldn’t be on Twitter? Really?! Wake Up!

    Working at a dealership and in the automotive industry I often hear things like: “What is this Tweezer, Twotter, Twitter thing?” or “This is just another fad or cash grab like that factbook, facebook thing.”

    WOW! Truth is, that from the dealer perspective we are still trying to understand how Social Media and Twitter in particular can be adopted into our automotive culture and furthermore our dealer culture. Anybody or anyone who has ever worked in the automotive industry knows that dealers base everything on the “month”. Most dealers do not understand how Twitter can result in sales for the dealership.

    Here are some facts directly from Twitter themselves on statistics of people who are using their platform:

    -30.4 Million users have one or more vehicle in the household
    -7.4 Million people plan to purchase a vehicle in the next 6 months
    -2.2 Million people plan to purchase hybrid vehicle in the next 6 months
    -5 Million people searched for vehicle info in last 6 months
    -11.6 Million people have a household income of 100k plus

    All in all if you are a dealer and do not see the value or importance of having a great Social Media strategy incorporated into your current marketing strategy you simply are not awake! No, tasking your son, daughter, cousin, wife, husband or friend with managing your brand will not cut it. Dealers who are executing this useful tool are doing hundreds of thousands in gross every fiscal year so this requires a highly skilled professional who knows their stuff.

    Over and Out.

    “5 Jabs and a Right Hook”…..Why I love Gary Vaynerchuk!

    Gary Vaynerchuk responding to a tweet I mentioned him in.

    Gary Vaynerchuk responding to a tweet I mentioned him in.

    “5 Jabs and a Right Hook”…..Why I love Gary Vaynerchuk!

    Anyone who has heard me speak or talked to me for more than 75 seconds has heard me say “5 Jabs and a Right Hook”. In a loud and noisy world full of subliminal marketing and advertising messages being thrown at you whether it is on your smart phone, billboard, twitter, facebook, pinterest, tumblr, vine, youtube and the list goes on! It is extremely important to build value.

    Marketing your product or service has become very complex and measurable in a market place where consumers are constantly dialed in through smart phones and tablets. I personally think that knowledge is power and staying connected is one of the great ways to keep up to date with what is going on; that being said, first impressions are everything when you have a second (click, impression, visitor, unique view, mention, retweet, like, pin, view) to make that person notice you. Yes that is right, I said “person” because all those clicks, impressions, retweets, mentions are from real people just like you and me. The power of a hand shake or hello especially in a digital world is even more massive! I believe that you should give wayyyyy more then you ask. “Ryan, I have a small business and I need to make some capital or else I will have to shut down.” Great point and I understand, but the cold hard truth is that relationships take time to groom, flourish and prosper and there is no shortcut. If you try to shortcut then you become that person who walks into a cocktail party, hands out a ton of business cards and then bounces. We all have experienced that and do we ever make contact or reach out to that person? NO!

    I read the phrase “5 Jabs and a Right Hook” from Gary Vaynerchuk’s book called the “Thankyou economy” and it stood out because it was a cool, simple way of saying “treat people how you want to be treated”. Don’t be that person who calls only when you need something, instead, be that person others can count on. Build value and the rest will come!

    Ps-I am still new at this “writing” thing so excuse any of my grammar or run on sentence errors.

    Over and Out

    Grove Cruise Poker Run was a SMASH!!!!

    Classic Ford at Zender Ford poker run stop.

    Classic Ford at Zender Ford poker run stop.

    Wow! I must say this year’s grove cruise poker run in Spruce Grove, AB was a first for myself and Zender Ford. I was not sure what to expect and wanted to make sure that our stop was great.

    We (Zender Ford) were one of eight stops on the run along with other local businesses. I knew the stop would not be a hit unless we had some food. Shotz lounge over at the Tri-leisure hooked us up with some great pizza, huge shout out to Shad and his team for getting 20 pizza’s together in under 2 hours.

    Some of the vehicles that came by were amazing, we had everything from an old hurse to a vintage Ford Tow Truck. The show of support by the parkland and Edmonton community was truly amazing and definitely did not go unnoticed. We had a special visit from the Mayor of Spruce Grove which is always good. Hello Stu!

    Stuart Houston, Mayor of Spruce Grove and myself.

    Stuart Houston, Mayor of Spruce Grove and myself.

    I am looking forward to next year’s poker run and if it is anything like this year’s, then I am definitely in for a treat!

    Huge KUDOS to the Grove Cruise team for pulling off an awesome event!

    Interview with Jack Palazzolo, Vice President of Marketing for Ford Canada

    Jack Palazzolo and myself in front of the Ford Atlas at The Edmonton Motor Show.

    Jack Palazzolo and myself in front of the Ford Atlas at The Edmonton Motor Show.

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Jack Palazzolo, vice president of marketing for Ford Canada while he was here at the Edmonton motor show back in April to unveil the highly anticipated Ford Atlas.
    It was a fantastic display put on by Ford as they had a simulator to really demonstrate to the consumer of how it would be like to ride in a Ford Atlas.

    Please see my interview with Jack Palazzolo below:

    Ryan: From a marketing perspective, why the Atlas?

    Jack: We are in truck country, we brought the Atlas here in particular because of how important this market is to Canada. The Atlas represents the concept of what the F-150 will be like in future from design cues to technologies, fuel efficiency, lighter weight materials, and engine technology going into the vehicle, so it had to be.

    Jack: Have you seen it yourself?

    Ryan: No

    Jack: When you see it, you will know why just from the bold technologies that may see there way inside of the next F-150.

    Ryan: Now because it is oil country, truck country, is this the reason for it’s debut in Canada at this particular auto show for the Ford Atlas?

    Jack: In Alberta, Ford is the number one in all of Canada, the F-150 series has been the number one selling truck for 47 years and this has always been the epicenter of the truck market, in fact it is one of our strongest markets with 27% market share for trucks.

    Ryan: Now I guess as far as marketing the Ford Atlas, because the F-150 has been bread and butter for Ford so to speak quote on quote, what is some advantages of marketing the Atlas opposed to the F-150?

    Jack: We are not really marketing the Atlas, it is all apart of the process of engaging consumer reaction for design cues and technologies that we may bring to the market. If you look at the evolution of the F-150 since it’s first days, the first generation, the more aerodynamics generation, the nineties to the present F-150, obviously it is still number one in the market in 2013. With auto shows, it is fun to engage consumer reaction to some of the things we may have coming.

    Click to listen to the live interview.

    Automotive News Article

    I had the pleasure of being featured in The Automotive News, the auto industry’s most trusted and leading publication recently. I covered the finer points of bringing social media to the forefront of your business objective. With social media being such an imperative part of the business world today, I made it clear that it is not just about a business pitch anymore. It is important to make a name for yourself in social media. To read the entire article online please click here