Broken Stiletto’s, Shoeless Women and Sexy Cars…Huh?!

In recent months sitting at the dealership, I have heard countless times women that say: “My goodness! I wish they could raise the pedals just a bit higher, do you know how many heels I have broke and scuffed!”

Well as we know most women love shoes but they also LOVE cars. Just like anyone, we are always trying to combine all our guilty pleasures. Apart of the car buying process is to evaluate ones needs and wants. (In the sales world, we call this “Qualifying A Buyer”) Custom color, A/C, Sunroof, Navigation System, Legroom and the list goes on and on!

Just like any major purchase decision in a household, BOTH parties have to agree…yeah that’s right gents, if she say’s no, it’s NO! Gents, always start off when asking your better half for something with one word: “shoes” – just picture this for me: “Honey I love this brand spanking new 2013 F-150, all of those beautiful gorgeous shoes that you have scuffed, nicked and broke over the years, you don’t have to worry, the accelerator and brake paddles can be adjusted. Problem Solved!”

Wow! She is happy because she get’s to maintain her extravagant shoe collection and you walk away with a nice new Toy.

Ok, back to the topic at hand, sorry, I tend to get a bit carried away. My point is, that women and automotive go hand in hand. Fact: Of all my posts to social media regarding trucks, 47% of views/replies are from females and I think this is great! Forums, Blogs, reviews and the Internet itself have made ALL consumers very informed and educated when buying a vehicle. Consumers nowadays have never been so detail oriented when making a big purchase. Walking by and over hearing a female customer talking about how her shoes get broken when driving, as part of her “Needs Analysis” is highly detailed. My response: Good for her! She knows what she wants and it is our (The Auto Dealer) job to make it happen.

“I don’t actually condone driving in heels or stilettos because it’s really unsafe but if women are going to do to it anyway, here are some “tips” to saving your shoes!” says Lauren Willms, owner of Modern Sole (@modernsole) in Sherwood Park, Alberta


  • Look for a shoe without a leather wrapped heel. Leather wrapped heels tend to get nicked or damaged while driving, especially if driving a standard. Look for a shoe with a wooden or rubber heel to prevent having to get your favourite pair of shoes repaired.
  • Choose a wedge over a stiletto or high heel. Wedges are a much more stable shoe and provide a broader base for your foot, making it hard to get caught on anything while driving (such as floor mats). Stilettos heels can also snap and break, while with a wedge, you won’t have this issue.
  • My number one tip for safe driving and saving your coveted pair of stilettos is having a pair of flats, UGGs or “driving moccasins” in the trunk or back seat of your car to wear while driving. This will prevent your heels from getting caught or damaged, and provide you and everyone else on the road a safe driving experience ☺
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