Ep 104: Edmonton Eskimos & Washington Redskins Name Change Reaction (CBC Radio One Interview)

Its the return of recreation, but not without some caveats. July marks the first month since the pandemic began when professional athletes are returning to work. COVID-19 has marked the biggest disruption to the sports calendar in recent memory, while the current social climate is raising questions about what we call our teams and whether or not we can do better. Sports are back in the headlines and this week local podcaster and marketing expert Ryan Holtz joins us to talk about the mounting pressure to change the name of the Edmonton CFL team. In hockey news, germ guy Jason Tetro joins us to break down the NHL bubble as we prepare to become a hub city. Plus, reporter Kashmala Fida talks about a crackdown on Edmonton car meets, and a weather wunderkind might steal Tara’s (other) job.

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