212: Motivation Unveiled! The Battle Of Wanting to vs. Having to

 In today’s episode, Ryan discusses the contrasting forces of “having to” motivation versus “wanting to” motivation.
Motivation is a driving force that propels us to take action and achieve our goals. However, it can stem from different sources. “Having to” motivation often arises from external pressures, obligations, or societal expectations. It’s the kind of motivation that stems from a sense of duty or necessity.
On the other hand, “wanting to” motivation emerges from our internal desires, passions, and personal aspirations. It’s the type of motivation that comes from a deep sense of purpose, intrinsic joy, and a genuine desire to pursue something meaningful.
Join Ryanas he dives into the nuances of these two motivational dynamics. They explore the benefits and limitations of each approach, sharing personal experiences and practical strategies for harnessing both types of motivation to achieve success and fulfillment.
Discover how external factors can influence our motivation and how we can shift towards a more intrinsic, “wanting to” motivation. Gain valuable insights on finding purpose, aligning goals with personal values, and fostering a sustainable drive that goes beyond mere obligation.
As always, happy listening and much love from #TeamHoltz!
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