Why Would An Automotive Dealer Even Need A Website? Facebook Marketplace Debut’s In The Market and Will Be A Game Changer!

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Why will an Auto Dealer Even Need A Website?

1. It was not so long ago that a slew of “vendors” got up and said “Social Media Does Not Sell Cars” (I bet you are deleting that footage and slides off your presentation decks)

2. With Facebook’s latest ambitions using marketplace as a place to buy and sell cars sets this whole used car leads model upside down.

3. Dealers are selling tons of vehicles per month on Facebook often bypassing their website altogether. If you really want to chat VDP’s, let’s pull a Facebook report on some used car listings. It is pretty amazing. Marketing is all about being creative and turning inventory over along with great service.

4. No other third party listing website even comes close and they def should start to think about their future as Facebook is going all in. For my dealer clients? Highest conversion at the lowest price is provided by Facebook. The level of sophistication that Facebook provides with their targeting is amazing. “I want to target Spanish speaking engineers 10km in an around Toronto who love engineering, coffee and blah blah” The days of just taking a nice picture and custom vehicle description are over. It is about showing the right vehicle to the right customer at the right time. I am archiving this post so I can look back on it in 4 years and just giggle.

4. If you are a dealer and you agree, disagree or are completely dumbfounded, call or text me (780.218.5899) as I would love to show you some case studies and real world dealer campaigns. Heck, we may even do some business.

Check out this nice little article written by Verge Magazine about Facebook’s partnering with dealer websites.

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