1 Morning Routine Hack That Will BLOW Your Mind & Decrease Anxiety

Alright, so if you are anything like me, ideas come into your brain like rush hour traffic trying to get to work! It is a hot mess that leads to frustration anxiety and craziness! Years ago, I created a folder on my iPhone that was titled “brain relief” so anytime I felt like my head was going to explode, I could use it as a brain dump to drop all my thoughts in. This worked quite well….for a bit. You see, I was waking up in the mornings and would run to my phone to read what I had written the previous day only to be completely distracted by notifications, emails, text and my PHONE. Not good! It almost gave me more anxiety than not. There had to be a better way, right? Insert a book I read by Robin Sharma who has been a guest on my podcast called “The 5 am Club”. This book was all about the 20/20/20 rule that would work to start your day off like a rocket.

A picture of my cue card ring 🙂

The nugget I took away from the morning routine was to make a NO PHONE rule. But this notion made me angst with anxiety knowing that my “brain relief” folder was on my phone. Brain gem moment! “Ryan, it is time to put pen to paper, in my case, cue cards. So, there I am, writing everything in my brain relief folder onto my cue cards so that I could put my phone away in the morning and not have a distraction. After I finished doing all the cue cards, I put them all in metal rings to keep them all in alignment. But let’s not stop there, me know that I will let myself off the hook if I do not have these cue cards readily available in the morning. I stand there, thinking “where should I put these things to ensure I will read them?” The espresso maker! So, I leave them there. The next morning comes, I leave my phone where it is, let out our dog Uma, pack the coffee and grab the cue cards. I then sit down on the couch, light a candle, play some lofi music and begin reading. This is all done after my 5 am workout & shower. 30 minutes go by and WOW. MY MIND IS CALM, CLEAR AND RELAXED.

…………………….I think I found a better way.

So, I wanted to share this with you in hopes that it might help you in your morning routine. Please let me know any morning hacks that you do or if you might try my cue card morning mindblown life hack!

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