Just write….. After all, life is a BIG story.


I read this short little article on marketing and storytelling and it really hit home. Coming into the marketing, communications and public relations field has really brought a different side of me out. A more creative and wide perspective side. One of my passions is human psychology and what makes human beings do the things they do. Since I was a child I was completely obsessed with other people and why they do certain things.

Being a great marketer aka “storyteller” is so much more then just trying to increase consumer awareness or market share, it is simply about people and running parallel with them and listening to their story. See the funny thing is, by listening to their story, it will help you create a story around your product or brand that will impact and compel them to care and feel a certain attachment.

Every day I try to learn and master the skill of storytelling because it is one of the single most important skills in life whether it be personal or business.

I would love to know YOUR thoughts or perceptions on this subject and what storytelling means to you.


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