GUEST SPEAKER: Jim Ziegler Invited Me To Be A Guest Speaker at His Auto Sales Super Conference in Dallas, Texas May, 2014

Wow! I was super excited to be invited as a guest speaker at Jim Ziegler’s super sales conference in Dallas, Texas in May,2014. This conference was jam packed with awesome speakers and had a huge focus around CRM (Customer Retention Management) for Automotive Dealers. The subject that I was speaking on was “How To Make Digital Marketing Sexy for Auto Dealers.” This conference was unique in the fact that it was not a “pitch fest” meaning the speakers were not doing any bate and switch garbage. They were providing useful and impactful knowledge for car dealers that could immediately be taken back to the dealership and executed on.

I am going to share a few nuggets from the conference, but not everything, if you did not attend then you missed out BIG TIME!

  • “You can grow or die but cannot stay where you are”.-Jim Ziegler
  • Profit centres are staff, inventory, facility, CRM, advertising and internet
  • Automotive internet is celebrating 20 years in the business, “up” bus is dead.
  • 85% of all online content will be video
  • First responsive radio is country and second is urban
  • 26% of incoming dealership calls are for service department
  • Now I have to admit, this was my first United States speaking event so I wanted to put on a good show and provide some value. It seems I did just that! Take a peek as industry and sales expert Mark Tewart tells you what he thought:

    Also, General Manager from Roswell Honda in New Mexico was nice enough to say a few words, here is what he had to say:

    I also snapped a few pictures from the conference so check them out below. If you have any that you would like to post, let me know and I would love to add them!

    Picture Gallery:

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