33 Guys With Badass Jobs In Edmonton – Ryan Holtz Featured | Narcity

Narcity Canada wrote this article a few weeks back that featured 33 Guys In Edmonton that have badass jobs. I was one of them and super humbling. I think this is a bigger article though as it basically spotlights all of the other “jobs” out there that a person can have or create for themselves.

Many people are sitting out there right now with the golden handcuffs on that provide all the material that a good paying and “secure” job, but often lacks the warm and fuzzy feeling of actually being passionate about what you do. This is where entrepreneurship comes into play as often people who would be a terrible employee or simply just can’t seem to quite come up with what they actually want to do for a living.

A “job” to me is a true reflection of someone’s creativity and interest, not just a means to making a living and paying bills, but rather an extension of who they are and how they want to leave their impact in the world.

Anyhow, what do you do for a living? Read the article here and perhaps there is a “job” that might stand out to you!

Shout out to Narcity Canada for including me amongst some pretty awesome dudes and also thinking of me!

Peace and love!

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