SPEAKING at DealerTalkX in Calgary October 6, 2016 | Calgary, Edmonton & Alberta Auto Dealers | Digital Marketing


Where: Telus Spark Place (220 St Georges Dr NE, Calgary, AB T2E 5T2)
When: October 6 at 10:10am

Subject: Don’t Let “ROI” Crush Your Customers Expectations of Your Dealership To Be Creative Engaging and Innovative Through Your Digital Marketing Efforts.

I am truly excited and humbled to be among the speakers at this conference. Kijiji has done a great job of providing a event and forum to offer auto dealers in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary actionable items that they can literally go back to the dealership with and execute. There will be some amazing speakers such as Jon Montgomery, Olympic Gold Medalist and host of The Amazing Race.

If you would like to attend my presentation or have any questions, I do have a discount code that you can purchase tickets with. Please reach out me here.

See you in Calgary!

#DealerTalk Webinar: How Social Media Drives Sales

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I am very excited to be a guest on The DealerTalk webinar series hosted by Ryan Thompson. The title is: How Social Media Drives Sales? Below are the topics that I will be focusing my presentation on.


  • Why you should be on social media
  • How social media impacts the automotive industry
  • Tips and tricks to get you started
  • How social media can increase customer loyalty
  • Which social networks you should be on
  • Does social media really sell cars?
  • Register here and I will see you January 21, 2014.

    My Interview with Ryan Thompson, Head Of Sales for Kijiji aka “The Dealer Geek”

    Ryan Thompson, Head Of Sales for Kijiji aka "The Dealer Geek"

    Ryan Thompson, Head Of Sales for Kijiji aka “The Dealer Geek”

    Click Above To Listen to My Interview with Ryan Thompson.

    Let’s get right into it! My 100% Unedited FULLY transparent interview with the “Dealer Geek” himself, Ryan Thompson, Head of Sales with Kijiji.

    To really kick off the inception of my blog, there truly was no better way then to get Ryan himself on the phone for an interview. This dude is truly passionate about the automotive industry and this is not from his mouth but from mine, #Nerdgasm comes to mind. From third party vendors such as Kijiji, Autotrader all the way to phone sales training companies such as the Phone Ninjas, Ryan has knowledge and constructive insight on what it takes to be successful, efficient and productive in the automotive industry.

    In this interview, Ryan and I talk about the following topics, I mean REALLY talk:

  • DealerTalk conference held in Toronto at the Four Seasons Hotel (Scott Monty, Grant Cardone, Paul Potratz as keynotes to name a few)
  • The automotive forum website known as Dealer Refresh
  • 3rd Party vendors such as Kijiji, AutoTrader, Phone Ninjas etc.
  • How the “Dealer Geek” was born
  • Why smaller automotive dealers seem to use third party lead websites better then some of the big 30-70 person stores
  • Some best practices (Marketing 101 tips & tricks)
  • Why auto dealers MUST allocate the right people to OWN these useful marketing platforms
  • All in all, this IS the interview that general managers, sales managers and sales people that really want to strive for greatness in this great industry NEED to listen to. I want to keep this post short as the true nuts and bolts are in the interview so sit back, buck up and take a LISTEN!

    Oh by the way, if you want to reach out to the “Dealer Geek” himself, Click here to visit his blog or reach out to him on Twitter @ryan_dealergeek

    This interview is packed with tons of great content, if you like, please show some love and SHARE :)