[VIDEO] Being Great or Acting Great? If you are in business, then you must be bold. People will treat you as you act. Life of an Entrepreneur. Refer to “Chris Eubanks London Real” interview on YouTube

Being great or acting great? Is there a difference and more importantly, does it matter? If we truly believe that perception is reality, then being and acting great could very well lead us to the same result. I recently watched an interview on London Real with Chris Eubanks who is an amazing boxer in Britain and a true class act. Chris’s mild manners and bespoke attitude are a huge contrast from volatility and ferociousness in the ring. In a way, it kind of makes sense. The interview in this interview kept reading articles and statements about how people thought he was “great”. You could tell that Chris was almost uncomfortable with this notion and repeatedly said that he was not great, but simply acted great. He said that is he acted great, then people would think he was great and if that happened then he actually was great.

As entrepreneurs, creative, marketers and business owners, it can often be isolating as you do not get the “water cooler” talk that often comes with the situation of being employed for someone else or simply an employee. As a result, we have to pull inspiration from different resources and outlets often leaving us in a state of be wilderness and maybe a tad of humor and weirdness. After all, as business owners, we really are weird and that is okay. It is why we are entrepreneurs, in most cases, we make terrible employees and that is a statement all to itself.

You might be asking, what or how does watching an interview on a professional great boxer help with running a business or succeed in capturing your online customer’s attention in the digital marketing world? I am happy that you asked. Truth is as a business owner, you are running into several situations which are dark and completely foreign. If you are a business owner that is striving for innovation in their particular industry, whether it be automotive or real estate, then you literally might be cutting and forming new territory and that is a challenge all to itself. When moments seem tough and uncontrollable, we all must ask our self and remind our self why wen entered into this particular genre of life, entrepreneurship. Anyone who has ventured out knows that there is much sacrifice that comes with this sort of lifestyle. An example is I am sitting on an airplane right this minute to complete a digital marketing campaign for the Toronto Fall RV Show while my wife is 16 days from giving birth to our first child. The ying and the yang is in true effect. I get many privileges and flexibilities with being my own boss, but I also have to sacrifice to stay in the game and strive. Are you great? Or do you act great? In regards to myself, I do not have an answer, but I do know that I want to act great and bea leader in all categories of my life. Business is great, family is everything though.

Drop me a comment and tell me what video or article that you pull inspiration from to keep aspiring to your goals.

VIDEO: Ryan Holtz Talks “Black Friday” on Breakfast Television Edmonton with Host Ryan Jespersen.

BLACK FRIDAY is now over and according to retailers and consumers, it was a great success here in Canada. Traditionally this is a shopping holiday that is massive to our friends south of the border in the United States. In the last two years, Canadians and local Edmontonians have really adopted the holiday. When I spoke to both retailers and shoppers and asked them their opinions, the response was very positive. Both parties suggested that Black Friday is awesome for both retailers and shoppers as it provides an opportunity to get a good deal prior to Christmas when they have some money to spend.

Photo 2014-11-27, 7 15 35 AMI was a guest on Breakfast Television Edmonton and asked to showcase some “BLACK FRIDAY” must haves!

I brought on Alex and Ani jewellery provided by Kings Jewellers in Southgate Centre. I also brought on a 55″ LG television that was graciously price dropped by the folks at Best Buy.

Photo 2014-11-27, 7 17 07 AMI also brought on some Valentino Shoes that Holt Renfrew here in Edmonton supplied be along with some beautiful Paul Smith mens socks. A HUGE shout out to these local companies for hooking me up!

From the marketing perspective, Black Friday has almost become this mob obsession, so much that even a group of people rented a bus and left early morning to Montana to cash in on the huge savings south of the border! Are you really getting a good deal? OR Is it just some genius marketing and tactic to create a buzz ultimately increasing sales in all categories of retail shopping? It could be a bit of both, but in my research locally here in Edmonton, I did find that there were some good deals.

Photo 2014-11-27, 9 38 38 AMAlex and Ani which is a high end costume jewellery line offered up a 15% off discount on items ONLY on Black Friday. Luxury purchases such as Valentino offered up no discounts at the retail level on their ladies shoe line. Electronic stores such as Best Buy had MASSIVE blowouts. I can honestly say that there was some amazing deals to be had! I think in years to come this shopping crazed day will gain momentum and ultimately be a huge focus come Christmas time to get those last minute deals!

What do you think of Black Friday here in Canada?