Ep 22: 10 Christmas Digital Marketing & Social Media Tips/Hacks for Business Owners | Ryan Holtz Show Podcast

In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show Podcast, I chat about 10 actionable social media and digital marketing tips that business owners can use when deploying and mapping their marketing strategy over the holiday season! See an outlined highlight of the specific points that I mentioned below:

10 Tips:

1. Use less popular hashtags on Twitter & Instagram
2. Reschedule your top Instagram or Twitter posts especially if they generated a ton of engagement the first time
3. Get funny, creative and all around crazy with your Facebook posts, really try and dive deep with this one.
4. Change the looks of your social media posts by switching up the text, image or creative etc.
5. Run some promotions or contest on social media to gain attention, but make sure they are less self serving and not just salesy.
6. Schedule all of your holidays posts prior to December 18 as many ecommerce shoppers tend to worry about shipping time after that, this is imperative if you are a company that does a ton of business via your website online.
7. Be very smart and use long tailed keyword phrases when setting up your Google Adwords campaigns
8. Update display ads and website with Christmas types of content and cheer!
9. Choose how you spend your money and when to stretch those dollars wide and thin
10. Have fun!

In short, please review us, we appreciate it and mostly, THANK YOU for listening! We appreciate you and much love! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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