(Video) What Time Is It? Time For The “Watch” Industry To Watch Out!


Now, everyone knows I LOVE watches, both ladies and men’s. As a man I think of a watch as the perfect accessory to my fashion arsenal. When I travel to Toronto or Montreal and even here in Edmonton and Calgary, I love going to little boutique jewellery stores and seeing what all the watch designers have came out with.

Now, as a marketing company owner and a true marketer at heart, I am quite astonished as to how most of the luxury brands have really not adjusted to the digital marketing playing field.

Scott Galloway, marketing professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business talks about how the launch of the Apple watch could be a huge disruption in the luxury brand category in this video.

As Scott mentions, imagine if 10% of Apple’s IPhone customers bought the new watch? This would roughly equate to 30 million watches sold making Apple the number one selling brand of watches in their first year of sales. HUGE! I thought Apple was a computer company?! Keep your eyes open and “watch out!”

What do you think about the way watch brands are marketing? Is it sexy?

Tell me what you think here.

Video Advertising & Blogging Dealer Digital Marketing Workshop In Calgary Jan. 19 & Edmonton Jan.20

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Welcome To 2015! Video Advertising & Blogging For Dealers IS A Must!

*Internet video traffic will be 69% of ALL global consumer internet traffic by 2017*

Quick Facts:

  • Over half of 25-54 year olds share video online
  • A minute of video is worth over 1.8 million words
  • 5 benefits of blogging are increased seo, leads, search rank, online identity and overall network
  • Internet video traffic will be 69% of ALL global consumer internet traffic by 2017

  • You will learn:

  • Why 76% of consumers on average prefer to consume YOUR brand via video
  • A look at a few case studies in the auto industry who have achieved success
  • What makes a great video stand out to a car buyer
  • Should you produce the video in house or hire a outside agency?
  • How to storyboard and come up with a series of video content
  • What is BLOGGING?
  • HOW AND WHY is blogging so important
  • Why GOOGLE rewards your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rank when you have a blog
  • What is keyword indexing and rich format content?
  • How can your blog become a lead generator?
  • How often should you blog?
  • Who at the dealership should be responsible for this?
  • How do you measure the ROI? (Return On Investment)

  • By the end of this full day Ryan Holtz/Alberta Motor Dealers association hosted workshop, you will understand video advertising basics and what your customer’s expectations are. You will also understand the importance of blogging and why exactly in 2015 it is going to be one of the BIGGEST and CHEAPEST forms of advertising.


    Should Your Instagram Profile Be Public Or Private?

    Instagram is a power house and with engagement rates doubling both Facebook and Twitter, EVERY business owner whether it be a car dealership, realtor, salon owner, should be actively building their tribe on this amazing platform.

    The question is: “Should Your Instagram Profile Be Public Or Private?” In an article written here, this question is based on what your overall marketing goal is as a business. If you are a brand or product, making your Instagram profile private defeats the whole purpose of being on the platform. However, if you are someone just trying to use the platform to share pictures with family and friends, then this is the option you may want to go with.

    Me personally, I use my own Instagram profile for both business and personal so I keep a private profile. I would love to know what your thoughts are!

    Tip: Have fun on Instagram and use the tool to tell your story! The more love you give, the more you receive!

    Follow me on Instagram @RyanHoltz1 and tell me what you think!

    Hey Auto Dealer, Sell Me A Car Through Text Message!


    With so much training being offered for phone and sales, there is a huge under tone when it comes to how car buyers want to communicate. EVERYONE has said the phrase “Just Send Me A Text”.

    In a small poll I took with some of my auto dealership clients, I asked the product advisors/sales associates when they communicate with a car buyer, what percentage is done through text message? The answer: 63% On average! - WOW!

    Have a look at this article written in the Automotive News.

    So, the question is:

    As a car dealer, what kind of support/training are you providing to your sales staff to be equipped with the very best in mobile technology, but also text communication skills!

    It is 2015 and I am sure we can all agree that voice to voice phone time has decreased!

    So, I will end off by saying: “Send Me A Text” and ask how I can help assist your sales teams understand technology and proper texting.

    What do you think about texting?