(Video) What Time Is It? Time For The “Watch” Industry To Watch Out!


Now, everyone knows I LOVE watches, both ladies and men’s. As a man I think of a watch as the perfect accessory to my fashion arsenal. When I travel to Toronto or Montreal and even here in Edmonton and Calgary, I love going to little boutique jewellery stores and seeing what all the watch designers have came out with.

Now, as a marketing company owner and a true marketer at heart, I am quite astonished as to how most of the luxury brands have really not adjusted to the digital marketing playing field.

Scott Galloway, marketing professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business talks about how the launch of the Apple watch could be a huge disruption in the luxury brand category in this video.

As Scott mentions, imagine if 10% of Apple’s IPhone customers bought the new watch? This would roughly equate to 30 million watches sold making Apple the number one selling brand of watches in their first year of sales. HUGE! I thought Apple was a computer company?! Keep your eyes open and “watch out!”

What do you think about the way watch brands are marketing? Is it sexy?

Tell me what you think here.

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