Hey Auto Dealer, Sell Me A Car Through Text Message!


With so much training being offered for phone and sales, there is a huge under tone when it comes to how car buyers want to communicate. EVERYONE has said the phrase “Just Send Me A Text”.

In a small poll I took with some of my auto dealership clients, I asked the product advisors/sales associates when they communicate with a car buyer, what percentage is done through text message? The answer: 63% On average! – WOW!

Have a look at this article written in the Automotive News.

So, the question is:

As a car dealer, what kind of support/training are you providing to your sales staff to be equipped with the very best in mobile technology, but also text communication skills!

It is 2015 and I am sure we can all agree that voice to voice phone time has decreased!

So, I will end off by saying: “Send Me A Text” and ask how I can help assist your sales teams understand technology and proper texting.

What do you think about texting?

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