221: George Stroumboulopoulos On HNIC, Living Vegan & How To Constantly Grow & Evolve As A Person

The Ryan Holtz Show Presents STROMBO. George and I sit down for an epic conversation surrounding culture, storytelling and the ART of being your authentic self even when it is not COOL. The reality is that by not being who you truly are, strips away your magic. This conversation will take you on a journey that I hope will allow you to see yourself inside. Two Canadian, in Los Angeles breaking down life, artistry, personal development and the art of showing up as yourself…..ALWAYS. Please stop by the comments to let me know what you think and what your fave part of the interview was! If you have been following our show, then you know I am OBSESSED with inspiring and helping people to LIVE their FULL selves on purpose. You are one of one!

Check out George and everything he is upto here.

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