220: Living In Beverly Hills w/ Joseph Merhi ( Live On Location )

Los Angeles! Yes, we traveled to LA to sit down with Joseph Merhi inside his home in BEVERLY HILLS. This interview is part of our Walk N Talk series that took us to Bend, Oregon, through Los Angeles all the way through Salt Lake City and back here to Canada. Joseph Merhi is a film producer, real estate tycoon and restauranteur that has built an empire alongside his wife Dahlia from scratch. Joseph was kind enough to invite us into his home where he shared about coming to America with nothing from Syria. He truly is the American dream. In this episode you will learn what iy is like to live in the most expensive neighbourhood in the USA. You will also hear how Joseph made certain moves on his climb to success. This is a special episode and I highly suggest heading over to our YouTube channel and watching the interview here. Let us know what you think! Much love, #TeamHoltz