198: Ricki Lake Talks Hair Loss, Her ICONIC Show, Celebrity Life & The Business Of Birth Control


 Join us for an eye-opening conversation with the renowned actress, talk show host, and producer, Ricki Lake. In this episode, Ricki opens up about her personal struggles with hair loss and how it has impacted her life. She also shares her experiences as a talk show host and celebrity, shedding light on the highs and lows of being in the public eye. But the conversation doesn’t stop there.
Ricki discusses the devastating loss of her partner to suicide, and how it has affected her life and work. Her openness and honesty about this difficult topic are truly inspiring. If you’re looking for a candid and thought-provoking discussion, this episode is not to be missed. Tune in to hear Ricki Lake’s story and gain insight into the challenges and triumphs of a life in the spotlight. #TeamHoltz #RickiLake #Hairloss

Show Notes:
00:45 – introduction of Ricki
01:25 – How Ryan got Ricki on the show with tenacity
02:00 – How raised by Ricki podcast started with Lemonade media
03:47 – Ricki talks about husband Ross and Mama
04:53 – Loss Of Ricki’s husband Christian and losing her dog Mama
05:20 – Ricki shows Dolly & Mama
06:16 – Ricki on spirituality and being nature
07:41 – Ricki Lake on keeping people in your green room, how to let the right people in
09:12 – Ricki is a homebody
09:47 – Ricki not having a relationship with her Mom
10:38 – Having family envy, Ricki talks about her husbands family
11:44 – How Ricki balances being creative vs her husband who is a lawyer
12:30 – Ricki turns Ross out
13:25 – How has Ricki made trauma her friend
14:01 – 9/11 Made Ricki Feel Like She Was Going To Die
14:52 – Losing Christian to suicide and bi-polar disorder
16:42 – Ricki on making mistakes and being real
18:20 – Ricki on her talk show and being in Hairspray
18:48 – Ricki Lakes on creating the business of being born documentary
20:30 – Ricki’s passion for creating documentaries
21:20 – Women not taking the pill
23:20 – Birthing process for men
24:14 – Dole’s incredible for mom and dad support
24:32 – Ricki on witnessing 9/11 and feeling like she was going to die
27:35 – 45-55 year old women’s number 1 problem
28:25 – Ricki’s motivation for leaving a legacy
29:15 – Ricki lake on shaving her head and being honest about worrying about opinions
30:08 – Ricki wanted to be liked by everyone
31:28 – SIN VIN syndrome of kids being pushed through assembly line 3
2:00 – Doctors have to see 40 patients a day to break even
33:00 – Ricki putting some respect on her name
33:40 – Ricki on John Waters mentorship and the ricki lakes show
34:40 – fake it til you make
35:01 – what qualities make a great man
38:06 – how does one allow themselves to be loved
39:20 – Ricki’s biggest Ricki Lake show moment
41:30 – Ricki asks Ryan if her show could exist today?
42:10 – Cancel culture
42:40 – Joe Rogan being polarizing
43:50 – Ricki Lake on being celebrity
45:17 – Ryan tells Ricki about toes
46:20 – How does Ricki like to be shared
47:05 – Ricki’s number 1 bucket list guest is Oprah
48:05 – Ricki’s mentorship
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