129: President of K-Swiss, Barney Waters on The Story Behind Gary Vee’s Shoe Deal & How To Break Through & Create Opportunities For Yourself

How did Gary Vaynerchuk get his own shoe? K-Swiss President, Barney Waters drops by the show to talk about that AND how you can create your own opportunity by doing a few specific things! This episode is packed with loads of motivational, practical, and educational content mixed with a ton of laughs and even better vibes! I feel fortunate to have Barney come and bestow his sneaker wisdom and business knowledge to you and all of us here at #TeamHoltz. I am very proud to bring this episode to you! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Show Notes

3:00 – Barney’s love for Bourbon
4:20 – The art of The DM
5:00 – Lazy selling
5:30 – Barney Waters on ClubHouse and lack of black representation in the sneaker field
6:40 – Crypto & NFT art
7:30 – Virgin Abloh & Gary Vaynerchuk talking about Crypto art
9:30 – How to protect the brand from vulnerability
10:00 – Importance of diversity in your company and brand
11:40 – Making sure your pool of talent is diverse and truthful
13:10 – Black podcast hosts in the media industry
14:30 – Shout out to Mrs. Holtz on the podcast research
15:45 – How to stand out and take a risk ( how to put yourself on the map )
17:00 – How to give directional value and how the podcast works
18:00 – Why producing way more than you consume
19:00 – What is Barney Waters version of great marketing
21:50 – How Barney drops his pre-existing thoughts and how to keep up with the change
23:01 – What’s happening now and how to stay on top of that
25:00 – How to customize your pitch and land your dream job or career
26:20 – LIVE interview with Barney Waters
27:20 – How to play on the ego to get what you want
28:00 – The story behind Gary Vaynerchuk’s sneaker
29:15 – Why Barney decided to niche down to gain leverage on bigger brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok
30:30 – Pharel was the first pick for a sneaker that related to entrepreneurs
32:05 – Found me multiple ways of being different
32:30 – Be first or be the biggest
33:30 – How to differentiate yourself by being different
36:45 – The process from design to market
37:25 – How Barney classifies style and why he loves streetwear
39:30 – Why Barney had PTSD from 2020
40:25 – Barney gives Ryan a shout out on Ryan’s interview style
42:20 – Why Barney thinks podcasting and interviewing is tough
43:00 – Jordan Harbingers podcast research tips on #CeosWearSneakers
44:15 – Barney’s thoughts on working with YG
44:51 – Barney not listening to the album and doing research
46:50 –  Why barney deletes any message that starts with a sales pitch
48:00 – How to land big-name guests on your podcast
49:00 – Barney Waters inspiration behind Ceo’s wear sneakers and why he loves new media
51:00 – Why Barney created a podcast studio
51:50 – How to break through and create opportunities
53:15 – Ryan’s LOVE for being A Father
53:48 – What Barney says to his kids
55:58 – What can I do for Barney
57:00 – Why Ryan should take Nike off the wall haha
58:30 – Barney outro for Ryan Holtz Show Podcast


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