Ep SPECIAL EDITION: City of Edmonton Ward 9 Candidate Payman Parseyan Chats 2017 Election Campaign | Ryan Holtz Show Podcast

In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show Podcast I talk with City of Edmonton Ward 9 candidate, Payman Parseyan about his 2017 election campaign. We talk about infrastructure, Uber, bike lanes and the importance of proper spending and utilization of local tax payer dollars. One clear point he made was eluding to the fact that the City of Edmonton is not considered a business, but rather a social service. this point came up when I referred to his business background and how he would transition those skills into being a councillor should he be elected.

Why vote for Payman? (See below copy taken from Payman’s website here.)

With genuine passion for the Career, the strive to be face of my community, and never taking no for an answer, I am prepared to take on this duty. Like most professions, almost anyone can be taught how to become a politician, a police officer or a professor but teaching someone to want/love the work or to be genuine is almost impossible. This is the career path that I had chosen at 15 years of age and continue to strive towards it. While I do not have direct political experience as a City Councilor, I’ve held elected positions on various boards. I currently hold an elected board member position as the vice-president of the Iranian Heritage Society of Edmonton. I would recommend any questions regarding my ability to go above and beyond can be directed to the Society, any of its member’s and any other associations that I have had the pleasure of dealing with as a reference of my character.

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