Ep 86: Reezy Resells GOES DEEP EMOTIONALLY & Teaches Us How To Sell $5,000,000 Starting Out Broke With The Right Mindset

Reezy Resells is a well known person on the internet. He is known for going from being broke to selling over $5 MILLION online by reselling items. This is known as reselling in the internet community. I first discovered Reezy through a Gary Vaynerchuk video a while back and followed his journey of garage saling and going in and out of stores, looking for low priced items to flip online for a profit. It was an absolute pleasure bringing Reezy on the show to bring YOU value and a whole other option to escape the 9-5 and spend those hours with your family!

Reezy has many videos online and resources to help you step by step when it comes to reselling, so I felt that having Reezy share his personal story and also his mindset would be of great value. Thanks Reezy for opening up about your childhood and laying it all out. You are definitely genuine and humble! The whole #TeamHoltz squad loves yah!

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Reezy’s Bio:

Michael Rezendes II (Reezy) is a father, husband, content creator and reseller. A true underdog story from having been a high school dropout and food stamp recipient to selling over $5 MILLION in lifetime sales using Amazon fulfilment services. He began documenting and sharing his journey with the public in order to inspire thousands of people worldwide to “follow the hustle”. His passion for supporting fellow underdogs and impact their lives in a positive way is his driving force. His mission now is to continue to help and support people around the world through his Youtube channel, podcast, local speaking events and shows. Through his awesome content and useful resources, viewers and followers are shown that they can change their life using the internet, it is not the 1920s anymore!! They can see first hand what is possible when you start building your own online business.

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3:00 How to start reselling in 2020
9:45 Items that you can sell for zero investment
14:59 Microneglect vs Maconeglet (why resi feels blessed to have a terrible background)
19:20 How Reezy was inspired by lack of options
22:00 How to deal with fear of rejection.
27:00 Reezy talks fatherhood
30:24 9 to 5 Trap
35:22 Mindset for success
35:45 Distribution of access
43:00 Dealing with high shipping cost
46:00 Mastermind benefits
54:17 Treat yourself like a product
100:00 Positive news network (PNN)


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