Ep 65: Sonia Zarbatany Tells Us How We Can Level Up Our Life Personally & Professionally

Sonia Zarbatany is a business and life coach that transcends all boundaries of life on all levels. If you follow Sonia or do a simple google search, you will immediately understand the impact in which she has had on humans. From being a fashion expert to building business and raising a beautiful family, Sonia is a person who operates on a high level and has a ton of useful information to give. I first learned of Sonia via Instagram and knew immediately I would love to have her on as a guest so YOU the audience and community can learn how to level up your life both personally and professionally. We unpack topics ranging from starting a brand all the way to personal emotions and everything in between. Enjoy and as always, let me know your thoughts!

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Sonia’s Bio:

An expert in the fashion industry, Sonia has had a successful career running multi-million dollar companies like Vince Camuto. As the President of the fashion house, Sonia grew all three Bernard Chaus Canada brands across the country. Sonia built her career in tandem with Zarby International, distributing huge labels such as Guess Jeans, Rampage, Sanctuary and Vince Camuto Canada.

In 2007, Sonia became a certified life and business coach and used her business expertise as a diving board to spread of her knowledge worldwide, teaching people to connect to what they love and help them forge their path toward emotional and financial success.


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