Ep 23: Mrs Holtz & I Chat Quick Christmas Recipe Ideas, Mario Batali Sexual Harassment Allegations & Macaulay Culkin Getting Blasted by Pro Wrestler | Ryan Holtz Show Podcast

In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show Podcast, I have the pleasure of sitting down with Mrs Holtz aka Food For Love to chat quick and easy Christmas recipes to make your life a little easier as you get ready to entertain for the holiday season!

We also chat about Mario Batali’s sexual harrassment allegations and the impact that social media has had on numerous Hollywood stars in wake of all these alegations. It seems that social media has gave people a voice and that voice just like anything can be used for the greater good or the greater bad.

We also chat about Macaulay Culkin and his bunny ear wearing ordeal that has got a professional wrestler quite upset, you can check out the full article on TMZ.

Also want to give shout outs to Mancrafts Canada and Kevin from 4 point Taekwondo! Both of these awesome people and companies took time to send out some gifts to the show! We are forever grateful!

Also, feel free to connect with Nora at Food For Love on Instagram to see some tasty and healthy food pics!

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  1. Natalia Chai December 18, 2017 at 1:03 am

    Hey Ryan and Nora!

    Listening in from LAX! I wanted to let you know that the discussion towards the end of this podcast really resonated with me about not being only one thing/person in life! I absolutely agree that we are more than just creatures of habit and that to no extent should we be cornered into one identity. No periods but commas after commas (if you know what i mean). Nora saying that needing to know ourselves is absolutely key! We all need to aim to know thyself so that we can be more tomorrow than yesterday! Love you guys! Extremely inspirational!

    1. Ryan Holtz January 2, 2018 at 10:18 am

      Thanks so much Natalia!!! I really appreciate your kind words and I really love your statement about “only commas and no periods”. I am happy that you got value and comments like these are literally why we do the show! Looking forward to connecting with you more in 2018!!!

      Much love my friend!


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