Ep 19: Daijon Ryan Holtz 1st Birthday Debut, Cancun & Failure | Ryan Holtz Show Podcast

In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I dedicate the show to my son Daijon who celebrated his first birthday in Cancun, Mexico. Love you son!

I also talk about the importance of travel, perspective and why it is important to fail and remain humble at all times. This is something I am truly passionate about and the absolute cornerstone of my being. In life, you never win and lose, you win and learn and that is something that is so important to know and have faith in.

I give some very special shoutout to Will, Jody and Mick whom have been faithful listeners of the show and really have supported by sending great messages of thanks and love. I am humbled at the audience base that the show has grown to in a short time and cannot thank you enough!

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