190: Reinvent Yourself in 2023 By Running Toward Your Fear w/ Chris Do of The Futur

Ever heard of a LOUD introvert? My next guest is just that! If you are in business or the personal development space, than you have heard of Chris Do who founded the FUTUR that has 2 million plus subscribers on YouTube. Chris and I unpack whether you should pick a niche or not all the way to how to spot a fraud on the internet selling courses. If you are a parent, creative or person who is looking to UPGRADE your life in plentiful ways, than this episode is for you! I want to say thanks to Chris for taking the time to come on the show to share his wisdom with you and myself! Please also share this with a friend, even just one person. And last but not least, if you would like to move your life in a positive direction personally or professionally, I would love to work with you! Simple click here and book a call! Much love, #TeamHoltz Shownotes & Timestamps:

01:05 – Intro

01:30 – Niche Or Not To Niche

07:00 – Going broad is delusional

09:00 – How  new docs/dentists need to market themselves starting out

11:58 – Message For Introverts

15:00 – Why listening is not rewarded

16:15 – Why being quiet in your business is a detriment (you do not want to be the best-kept secret)

20:20 – The things that scare me I should run towards ( GET OVER FEAR )

21:16 – Liam Neeson reference

22:20 – Attention is the new oil ( Alex Reference )

24:33 – What we should not be doing with the internet

26:45 – Gary Vee Speaking Fee 

27:30 – Chris Do Never Been Asked This Question! RED FLAGS, how quickly are you being sold to after someone gives you something

28:18 – What did they do before they became famous?

29:00 – Ponzi Scheme For Content 

31:45 – Chris Do’s uniform and how he chose it

37:11 – Savage Servant & Chris talk about his children

38:15 – Having children and bringing children into the world. It is you learning how to love again for the first time

39:40 – Work-Life Integration vs Work-Life Balance 

41:26 – Latched Key Kid

41:51 – Be The best parent by leading and showing them a path

42:35 – Your kids know when parents are losers

44:33 – How does Chris get the idea out in the real world

45:46 – Chris’s wife knows when he has an idea

46:10 – He loves notebooks

48:15 – The big small vs The small big in terms of content strategy

53:00 – Chris’s fave interviews

54:46 – Is there anything that we don’t know about Chris Do?

57:15 – How to cultivate relationships with notable people

58:33 – CONTENT CRUSH Sugar Ray Leonard Story And How Chris Met Him