187: The One Science-Based Hack You Need In 2023

Is all this new year’s resolution stuff making you feel UGH?! You are not alone, but I do have a few science-based hacks that can get you off the “resolution” train and on the “refinement” one. I sincerely want you to have the best year of your life! You deserve it and you know it! You are 1 of 1 and you were meant to be on this planet, so why not do something incredible with it?

The one hack we are going to talk about in two parts is self-confidence and potential. These two words and hacks can truly create a roadmap to anything you want! I mean it, anything!

2023 is going to be the year that rewards people who are brave, and audacious and goes after what they want. BRAVADO. When someone smells your perfume or cologne and asks you what you are wearing, say:


It is OKAY to show up as your full self even if it means your confidence might offend someone else’s insecurities.

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Much love and enjoy!


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