Did You #DeleteFacebook ?

Given the recent news and scandal involving Cambridge Analytic and the data mining of around 87 million Facebook Accounts, the tech world has been taken by storm and tech stocks have been hit in a big way on the stock market.

When we upload a picture, or type a status update or make that “free” phone call through Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, we as users must take the responsibility of knowing that our data is being sold to the highest bidder. Us users ARE Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and we are as good as currency. If we were to use an analogy, we are the engine, tires and steering wheel of any social media platform. They make money off the perceived attention that we give them. I am not saying that Facebook or any social platform has a right to sell our data, but the responsibility is on us. Why would you even want to give them that option?

In short, NO, I am not deleting Facebook, but will use the platform as a tool and know that anything that is “free” must figure out ways to make money, period. So my advice to you, is go into your settings, audit what apps have access to your account and make sure you are only sharing content and data about yourself that you would not mind seeing on a huge billboard.

I would love to know……

Did you #DeleteFacebook ?

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