Celebrating International Women’s Day | #IWD2022

Celebrating women EVERY DAMN DAY should be a given, but I have to say how proud I am to be a huge supporter of women. My beautiful mother was the first woman I got to see and understand and she was a SUPERWOMAN! The way she gave love, ran a business and was so pure was something that I picked up on as young as I can remember.

I feel we should all take a pledge to uplift, support and push the women in our lives to new heights. I now have the luxury and blessing of being married to a queen ( my wife Nora ) and raising a small queen ( My daughter Talia ) and it just amazes me how strong, smart, empathetic and BOSS they are.

On behalf of #TeamHoltz, The Ryan Holtz Show Podcast & Ryan Holtz Marketing, we salute you, we support you, we empower you and we love you.

Much  🧡,