Periscope: Change in Digital Marketing Communication and Mobile User Preference Especially In The Automotive Sector | Pros & Cons

Yes, Periscope is fairly new with about a 100 million users and slightly over one year old. This live streaming video service is a complete game changer. Just when we thought that mobile usage was already crazy, studies have shown that people seem to be living in their screens more then their own life and Periscope just takes it one step further. I would be foolish to not mention other live video streaming services such as Meerkat and Blab.

Literally being able to see people’s lives through their eyes, or should I say mobile phones is what Periscope offers. Not only is this amazing, but it is absolutely a huge marketing tool to connect and get in front of the right customer. Whether you are a tour guide and want to build a following using Periscope to give your virtual customer a tour of some of the most sought after places in the world or you are an auto dealership that is taking your “new owner nights” to epic proportions by sending out a friendly email to your customer data base through CRM that invites them to tune in as you will be showing them some basic car maintenance pointers, Periscope offers you endless options and in real-time.

Here are some basic pros and cons of live streaming with Periscope:


1. LIVE and immediate interaction with your audience
2. Fun and highly addictive
3. Offers ability for you to have your own live virtual tv channel
4. Provides a platform for you to repurpose all of your content and use Periscope to put the little sprinkle on top
5. Immediate gratification


1. USES a ton of data and battery power if not connected to Wifi
2. Not as popular in certain geographic areas. (Again, as an early adopter, this app is growing and becoming more and more prominent as live video streaming is here to stay.)
3. Certain functionalities of the app need improving like stopping the broadcast and switching the screen around
4. May cause a little anxiousness for people who are camera-shy but also kind of a good thing as it is good practice for you to dominate the stage!

As you can see, this app is worth checking out and giving it a whirl! I can tell you that doing a few scopes here and there has provided a increase to my blog subscribers and my overall digital footprint. Please check out the app and see what it can do for you and your business!

Any questions or comments, say hello to me here :)

VIDEO: Internet Battle Plan Was A Hit For Automotive Dealers in Seattle Full Of Education!!

Such a great time and huge honor to speak at The 16th Internet Battle Plan held for automotive dealers by Jim Ziegler in Seattle, Washington. This conference was a 3 day event and full of great speakers who spread their knowledge around the room. Some topics included:

  • Customer Retention Management (CRM)
  • Content Creation for Websites To Convert More Customers
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Sales Techniques
  • Email Response
  • Internet Sales Training
  • Individual Branding For Salespeople
  • This conference was designed to help automotive dealerships adapt and move their business online successfully. Internet departments and BDC’s would benefit from attending as the conference provided useful content ranging from video response all the way to individual branding for the modern day product advisor.

    I would strongly suggest attending this conference in the future and I was extremely happy to be one of the guest speakers. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me here.

    Have a peek at some of the conversation that was happening on Twitter and also a few photos.

    Content Marketing By Inspiring Emotion In The End Consumer


    From early on as children us adults loved to hear stories. In fact, if we can remember when our teachers would try to give a lecture, they would often try to evoke emotion by telling us a story. We are all very visual and can appreciate a well spoken or written story.

    In many of my speeches or digital marketing workshops, I often use the statement: “In marketing, we either make people laugh or cry, if we do neither, then what was the point?!” The reason I say this, is because in todays modern world with web 2.0 and technology, it is so loud, the only thing we will remember and make us care is if some sort of emotion was felt.

    Whether you are a auto dealership or a realtor or small to mid sized business looking to implement strategy into your marketing, ask yourself this question: “Who as a human being is my customer?” Once you figure that out, then focus on a campaign that will have messaging that speaks to them.

    Content marketing is one of my favourite types of marketing because it is subliminal and provides value to the customer or client. Most business owners simply want to go the quick route and do the “ask” when in fact all that will do to their customer is push them away, because all they get is asked.

    Content marketing provides a resource to the customer and makes them care about you and your business because you have shown care to them.

    A auto dealership here in Edmonton or Calgary decides to create a quick little YouTube video about tires and the advantages/disadvantages between winter and all season tires. Now for someone like me who is by no means a tire expert. A quick piece of micro content like this would be of huge value to me. Here is the ugly truth for all you auto dealers, realtors and business owners, it takes work, but by executing content marketing, in the long run will pay off.

    Here is some tips for content marketing:

    -figure out who your customer is
    -pay attention to frequently asked questions
    -ask yourself what kinds of useful resources you have found as a customer
    -determine a creative and fun way to deliver the content

    As always, do not over think “how” or “what” and just get some content created and send it out!

    If you have any questions or comments please drop them below or get in touch with me and we can have a chat :)