Content Marketing By Inspiring Emotion In The End Consumer


From early on as children us adults loved to hear stories. In fact, if we can remember when our teachers would try to give a lecture, they would often try to evoke emotion by telling us a story. We are all very visual and can appreciate a well spoken or written story.

In many of my speeches or digital marketing workshops, I often use the statement: “In marketing, we either make people laugh or cry, if we do neither, then what was the point?!” The reason I say this, is because in todays modern world with web 2.0 and technology, it is so loud, the only thing we will remember and make us care is if some sort of emotion was felt.

Whether you are a auto dealership or a realtor or small to mid sized business looking to implement strategy into your marketing, ask yourself this question: “Who as a human being is my customer?” Once you figure that out, then focus on a campaign that will have messaging that speaks to them.

Content marketing is one of my favourite types of marketing because it is subliminal and provides value to the customer or client. Most business owners simply want to go the quick route and do the “ask” when in fact all that will do to their customer is push them away, because all they get is asked.

Content marketing provides a resource to the customer and makes them care about you and your business because you have shown care to them.

A auto dealership here in Edmonton or Calgary decides to create a quick little YouTube video about tires and the advantages/disadvantages between winter and all season tires. Now for someone like me who is by no means a tire expert. A quick piece of micro content like this would be of huge value to me. Here is the ugly truth for all you auto dealers, realtors and business owners, it takes work, but by executing content marketing, in the long run will pay off.

Here is some tips for content marketing:

-figure out who your customer is
-pay attention to frequently asked questions
-ask yourself what kinds of useful resources you have found as a customer
-determine a creative and fun way to deliver the content

As always, do not over think “how” or “what” and just get some content created and send it out!

If you have any questions or comments please drop them below or get in touch with me and we can have a chat 🙂

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