Ep 12: Interview With Optometrist Dr. Danielle Gordon, United Airlines, Business Marketing Strategies, Life’s Challenges & Adversities

Podcast_RH2-Guest_DrDanielleGordon In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I interview Optometrist, Wife, Mom, Community Leader and over all an amazing human, Dr. Danielle Gordon. Dr. Danielle Gordon is an optometrist and partner with My Optometrist Calgary. Where do I begin?! This podcast is literally almost two hours long and every minute is butter, baby. Trust me!

Initially I really wanted to have Dr. Danielle on my podcast because of the work I had seen her do on her company’s Instagram page. About 3 minutes into the podcast, my whole excitement changed because I instantly knew I was talking to an absolute marvel of a human. Normally, I do not want any of my episodes to run on or go past 90 minutes tops! In this case, it was a must, so all you people who have a short attention span, be patient and listen to this episode even if it takes you 10 cracks hahahaha. You will not be disappointed.

I do not want to transcribe everything we chatted about here in the show notes, that is what the podcast is for, so below is a bullet list of subjects and topics we covered at length:

* Being an introvert
* Being vulnerable
* Business partnerships
* Choosing a theme word about how she wants to live her life (This year it is “Play”)
* United airlines blunder example about “re-accomodating” patients
* Rectifying bad patient, client or customer experiences puts businesses in a challenging situation given the digital environment and instantaneousness that social media brings
* How to incorporate a staff social media policy for small, mid and large businesses
* Automotive personal branding and social media policies
* Never too late to go back to school
* Tips on how to stay consistent and motivated?
* How to stay inspired both personally and professionally?
* How medical professionals are putting a personal touch on patient care

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Ryan Holtz Invited To Speak in Edmonton On A Panel Hosted By Vancouver Based Fashion Power-House Retailer, Kit & Ace


When: April 27 @7:30pm
Location: Timbre Cowork
RSVP: kaitlyn.dorazio@kitandace.com

Some amazing folks at Kit and Ace have invited me to speak on a moderated panel alongside some heavy hitting decadent Edmonton business & creative peeps! I will be talking about how I stay mindful, focused and some tricks I use to travel and be on the go with ease! I am looking forward to this event as it will be the perfect mix of fashion, marketing, business, soul and just great vibes! Will be a fun event! Cashmere baby!

Ep 11: Stop Marketing, Humanity is The Sales Pitch and Personal Reflection

IMG_3717 In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I talk about why you should stop marketing and start loving people. I also talk about why humanity is the sales pitch. Many entrepreneurs in this 2017 business climate are feeling the pinch especially due to financial and slim margins. I chat about the mentality or self awareness that you could potentially use to allow you to feel less pressure to sell and more energy to create and cultivate great relationships. Humility is key and hard work is the door! As I ended off in this episode with one question: Why does your product or service deserve your customer’s time? BOOM!