Guest on Auto Dealer Live January 23, 2014 3:30pm EST | Tune in on Itunes

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Join me as a guest on Auto Dealer Live January 23, 2014 at 3:30pm EST as I will be chatting social media and the auto industry with host David Villa. I am super excited about this podcast as I will be the first Canadian to be invited as a guest.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Social Media inside of a dealership?
  • Does social media really sell cars?
  • What’s up with auto dealers still dumping 80% of their budget into traditional advertising?
  • How is digital marketing going to affect dealerships in the next 3 years?
  • Advice for digital marketing managers, sales managers, gsm’s and internet managers that may be taking over the digital efforts?
  • Chime in on the conversation using @ryanholtz1 or @autodealerlive

    I will post the podcast once it is made available on itunes.

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    #DealerTalk Webinar: How Social Media Drives Sales

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    I am very excited to be a guest on The DealerTalk webinar series hosted by Ryan Thompson. The title is: How Social Media Drives Sales? Below are the topics that I will be focusing my presentation on.


  • Why you should be on social media
  • How social media impacts the automotive industry
  • Tips and tricks to get you started
  • How social media can increase customer loyalty
  • Which social networks you should be on
  • Does social media really sell cars?
  • Register here and I will see you January 21, 2014.

    Salute to Vienna and Auto Marketing…..Absolutely!

    January 5, 2014-Salute to Vienna at The Winspear Centre in Edmonton, Alberta

    January 5, 2014-Salute to Vienna at The Winspear Centre in Edmonton, Alberta

    So I was at the Salute To Vienna this past weekend at The Winspear Centre here in Edmonton. Great afternoon spent with loved ones. A very nice musical performance full of singing, dance and laughter. Now I know this technically has nothing to do with Automotive Marketing, but has everything to do with “Storytelling”. The Maestro or conductor, whichever you prefer brought personality to his sets. He engaged with the crowd by starting each number with a back story that usually ended in humour.

    Admittedly, these kind of performances are not my preference but I am always open to any kind of entertainment and storytelling whether it be performing arts or sports. Each has a very intricate way of telling their story. At the core is a message and the audience needs to understand it. Whether your message is “Mr.Customer here is why you should buy this vehicle” or “A soprano singing some classic music” in between is that thing we call “Storytelling”.

    What is your story? What is your message? Who is your audience?

    Let’s Chat