Ep 62: Who Judges The Judge? Criminal Defence Lawyer, Jordana Goldlist Drops By To Educate Us On Our Legal Rights & How To Rise Up From Being Homeless

In this episode of The Ryan Holtz Show, I chat with Criminal Defence Lawyer, Jordana Goldlist. Jordana caught my eye on Instagram as I caught a snippet of her #TedX talk titled “Who Judges The Judge?” What really caught my eye was how Jordana has a really “street” feel to her. Tattoos, guns and sitting on top of a porsche is not something that you typically see from a lawyer, but this is who she is. I find it very human, very real and relatable. I was curious. This is what our podcast is about.

Jordana and I touch on:

1. Criminal law
2. How she transitioned from being homeless to becoming an esteemed attorney
3. How she feel in love with hip hop music
4. What and why Judge The Judge?
5. Some of her childhood
6. How she sustains her work ethic
7. What her thoughts are on social movements like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatters

Jordana’s Bio:

Jordana H. Goldlist is a criminal defence lawyer, business owner, public speaker, and youth mentor. A former homeless, high school dropout, Jordana aims to teach youth how to use their struggles to their advantage by recognizing transferable skills. She also aims to show the ways in which the justice system is a trap, designed to keep people stuck. Jordana uses her own journey from street kid to criminal lawyer to explain her views on the system in her TEDx talk, “Who Judges The Judge?”, available on YouTube and www.JHGcriminallaw.com

Reach out to Jordana here.


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