201: From Diapers to Dollars, Daniela Cambone’s Secrets to Mastering Motherhood and Finance Like a Pro!


On this episode of the Ryan Holtz Show, Ryan sat down with Daniela Cambone, the “Gold Queen”, to talk about why she thinks finance is sexy and how she balances being a mother and a successful businesswoman.

Daniela shared her journey into the finance world and how she fell in love with it. She explained how important it is for women to take control of their finances and not be afraid to ask questions. She believes that finance is empowering and can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

As a mother and businesswoman, Daniela emphasized the importance of balance. She shared her tips on how to manage time effectively and how to prioritize what is important. She also talked about how to delegate tasks and build a strong team.

Throughout the episode, Daniela shared her insights on the finance industry and her experiences as a mother and businesswoman. Her enthusiasm for finance and her passion for empowering women were evident, making for an informative and inspiring conversation.

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