224: Heal What Hurts You, So You Don’t Bleed On People That Didn’t Cut You

I hope todays episode finds you well and in a place of gratitude, humility and ambition. As I type this (yes it is me typing this and NOT AI) I have this overwhelming sense of gratefulness. I was talking with my son this morning and he said “Dad, I think I am going to be obsessed with shoes like you are” which brought such a joy and smile to my heart. It got me thinking though…..about the simple things in life. Great food, great sneakers, beautiful mountains and even better company to share it all with. You see, #TeamHoltz is a community built of people who are pirates, weird, gracious and simply not afraid to be their full selves on purpose. We play, we laugh, we have fun and we do GREAT work that matters. This community is also YOU. Yes, YOU. The listener or watcher if you have subscribed to our YouTube channel. It is YOU the person who has been silently and quietly consuming our content and message. I so appreciate you. Thank you.

Enjoy this episode and do tell me what you think! You know where to find me!

Much love,