194: Are Women Seeking Validation On The Outside? Are You Disconnected From Yourself?

Women spend so much time on their exterior bodies. Why is this? When we become disconnected from our inside, we often seek validation on the outside which is why we invest so much into our looks, material, what we have. Men do this as well with their vehicles, sunglasses, watches. We have these things to show others that “we matter” but the truth is that none of this matters at all. When we go inside and validate our dang self, this is where the magic starts to happen. Past traumas, pain, suffering all the nasty bits that life gives us play a role. But as hard or scary as it may seem to look within and face your “monster”, I promise you that this is the UNLOCK of your life. This week’s episode is a shorty, but has just the right dose of motivation to reaffirm that you are ONE OF ONE.

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